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Serial Swatter, Stalker and Doxer Mir Islam Gets Just 1 Year in Jail

While I always like to see articles like this, I wondeer what this judge is thinking? If you read Serial Swatter, Stalker and Doxer Mir Islam Gets Just 1 Year in Jail which was posted to Kreb’s blog on the 11th of July, you may wonder the same thing. I read the article yesterday, and I couldn’t believe that he plead to all of this, but only gets a year and time served. Maybe he’ll learn he can’t get away with it, and thats what I’m hoping, but we just don’t know what will happen. I’m curious what you all think.

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this week’s updates

Hi all.
Ok updates to be aware off.
kernal drivers and secure kernal/secure boot.
Aparently some bypasses were fixed.
adobe acrobat reader has its routeen update as schedualed.
flash has its updates as usual.
print spooler, dotnet have remote access updates for security.
Everything else, is as its been for fucking ages and ages.
The following components have remote violations/privilage/information securitys fixed.
jscript, edge, ie, office.
Another small update for the current build of 10 is released with some more fixes.
A reminder to all those prepairing for the august update next month to go get the win10 essentials update for june as this module has updates you will need for that update.

Yesterday I was fiddling with an article from

How to Remove Windows Update Virus

Read it.
Now replace windows update virus with windows 10, windows update,gwx, then replace malware with microsoft or put microsoft in front of malware then read it again.
What do you get.
Read the articles that have been going around and then read the article again.
I was doing this for a laugh while my lunch was cooking.
However I scared myself.
The windows update virus is fake and nasty, but windows and ms have some questions as yet unanswered.
Fears that we may never know.
Windows is not a virus officially.
However the fact ms is sneaky with updates
and a few other things with their accounts and other services could almost be malware like.
And we have no idea what will be around the corner.
stay safe

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1,025 Wendy’s Locations Hit in Card Breach

If John were available to read this, he’d probably be in shock about now. This number, 1025, is not a large number, but it isn’t small either. This article was posted on July 8th from Krebs. Please feel free to check out the article for more info.

What can we do? I don’t know if there is anything we can do. The sad fact of the matter is, the hackers are stopping at nothing to get at our money. It does not matter whether we are single, poor, rich, married, or anything in between.

While our discussion on our blog has focused on various bits of technology including VOIP, I don’t believe we ever could be in this position of worrying about our money on top of it. Check out the VOIP thread as part of the Universal Class series of tech posts. The Internet course did not even cover this at all, and I think a course updated to include methods to protect ourselves as humanly possible would be good for the general public.

You may find more information about Universal Class by going to their site. Its a world wide site that can give you CEU (continuing education units) for studying. If you have a public library card, the classes are free, otherwise, depending on the course, there’s a fee. I have seen no security basics course, and now, there should be one. Comment if you wish, the boards await you.

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Tech podcast 248 now available

On this podcast, lots of stuff. The RSS feed to pick up your copy.

On this podcast, we’re going to have a talk by Mikko Hyponen, and my thoughts on using the mac for the first time.

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The abc’s of technical writing, lesson 1

Technical writing has changed through the years. Universal course has a course on technical writing, and it covers everything from podcasts, to screencasts and other aspects in the very first lesson. The first lesson of this class is asking to describe who would benefit from technical writing, and describe the people who may be in the field of technical writer. I linked to the sepdspace folder both in word, and here, for your convenience as you read the assignment. What else would a technical writer be doing do you think besides writing, podcasting, blogging, and the like? The assignment follows.

The assignment is asking to describe who may be responsible for doing technical writing. According to one paragraph, it says: ” Depending on a company’s size and needs, it may hire one or more full time technical writing specialists, or it may occasionally hire contract writers or outsource writing needs to freelance writers or agencies. In other cases, engineers, developers, project managers, and others involved in the creation of a product will be called upon to create user documentation and training materials for the product they are developing. If the term technical writing is defined a bit more broadly, it can include marketing and public relations materials, brochures, sales letters, and trade articles.”

Any particular profession such as hardware and software, hospitals, and other areas where information needs to be given to the public would be professions where technical writers would be needed. Programmers, engineers, and even the technical support specialists themselves may be called upon to write the documentation for the company, unless it gets outsourced to a company whose specialty is to do the work for you.

According to the lesson, technical writing does not mean writing anymore. It may include items such as screencasts, podcasts, and even blogging. I have done podcasts as a blind iphone user, learning software, and demonstrating it in understandable language. You are welcome to check out the sendspace folder where various pieces of software for the phone are demonstrated. Someone told me they liked the work I’ve done with these demos.

Since I have had to teach access technology, even old access technology from a young age, my communication in this field has been good, and I have been known to be patient with people who are new. I’ve tried to teach someone 70 years old how to use Windows, and as I mentioned on the forum, I have a text representation of a book I am willing to share upon request to show how i’ve done writing. I do know it has changed, and thats why I’m here. I’ve adapted to the podcast scene, ad i would do video if i had the right equipment and it was requested of me.

I hope you enjoy the class assignment, and I’ll post more if I feel it is good to share and bring up for discussion. Enjoy!

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protecting children on the internet

As part of the internet specialist 101 course, we discussed protecting children on the Internet, and we were asked what we’d do. This is a topic more true today than any other time as old as Shaun and I are, and I’m curious on your thoughts. Your comments await the boards, and it starts after the ruler separator mark.

One thing parents can do is to use software. The lesson talks about different types of software to protect children from various sites. I personally don’t think its a good idea to use such software, as the lesson indicates, and guru’s like Kim Komando has said, it can be worked around by kids today. Kim Komando www.komando.com has commandments for parents and children to use. It is advised to read and sign them. It talks about talking to parents about things that seem wrong, and also who they’re talking to. Software can also help by logging keystrokes and E-mailing it to you, but I could see a child saying something to the effect how thats not right.

I agree with the computer being in a safe place in the house. This way, a parent can make sure they are aware of what the child is doing. I also don’t like the idea that 3 to 5 year olds are using computers. I didn’t start using one till I was at least 8 or 9, but then again, the Net wasn’t that big of a deal back then like it is now.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if chat rooms are a big thing like they were when i first came on the net. Instant messaging like MSN, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger are not used that much anymore, as MSN is gone, Skype owns that arena now. I don’t personally use Yahoo or AIM anymore, as everyone I know who used them are not anymore so I am not. Bulletine board systems on web sites are more popular, although accounts are needing to be created to access them.

What do you think? Do you think this is good, or is there more? Once again, the comment boards await you.

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encryption, how important is it?

encryption, how important is it? This was the topic of lesson 13 of the internet specialist 101 course. I’m trying to find the good papers I think we can discuss, and I think this one is going to be one. Your thoughts are welcome as usual.

Encryption has many benefits. The most important benefit is the protection of data including usernames, passwords, and credit card and banking information. Most web sites today are going to encryption due to the recent supposed hacks of data. While that can help, hackers are very sophistocated, and having an encrypted connection can help to a point. We still need to deal with the social engineering, and other attacks that plague the net today which could bypass the secure aspects which is how some of these hacks are made.

I do use paypal, and find it to be of use for payments. I also have a payment processor now for credit cards as well.

I do shopping online, and it doesn’t surprise me that the lesson indicates that it is safer than giving your credit card to a clerk for processing. Even today, most clerks are having you doing the swiping, and target and other hacks among the last few years prove that it is not as secure as we thought. I am not sure how these POS (payment operating systems) work, except they use a version of XP that is not patched and is open to the internet.

I have paid people for services using my bank. I’ve never stepped foot in to my bank, I’ve set up bill pay, and they have mailed a check. In one case, the check never made it, and I told the bank who just mailed another one and cancelled the check they sent. No money was taken until the check was deposited. Online sure makes this process a lot easier.

The board awaits you.

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Newsgroups and older technology

Lesson 11 of the internet specialist 101 course talked about newsgroups and other older technologies and wanted us to describe them. How about discussing this lesson?

A newsgroup is used to communicate with people who subscribe to it. One person I know, Steve Gibson, still uses newsgroups today. Most ISP’s have connections to thee news group community. It is used to communicate with like minded people about whatever the news group moderator wants it to be.

For example, GRC’s site has multiple newsgroups that cover anything that Steve has like Security Now, Spinrite, his new creation SQRL (squirrel) and others. He uses it exclusively to communicate with people who help him test products, give him ideas, and even a miscelanious category if I remember right.

Back in the day, we used DOS to connect to the net and connected a certain way to the newsgroup server. Now-a-day, you can use a program like Outlook Express and thunderbird to connect to the server. I’ve not used newsgroups in a long time, I personally prefer E-mail lists which can work the same way. My personal web site lists E-mail lists I personally moderate, and you just need a modern browser to subscribe or a modern E-mail client to receive and send messages to it.

What interested me about the discussion of newsgroups was the fact that they have been around since I was born. That is a facinating stat seeing that I’ve only been using the Internet since the mid 90s.

E-mail lists can also be moderated, however, the thread can only be stopped by an E-mail to the list asking, or by moderating it until all messages about said topic dies. Thats probably the only hassle to E-mail lists over newsgroups, but I’m not too fond of forums because they can be riddled with Spam even with captcha turned on.

Feel free to discuss this one, and the boards await you.

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New Ransom Attack Is Targeting iOS Device Owners In US And Europe, Here Are The Details | Redmond Pie

I decided to go through twitter once again, and found this. This is something we should at least be aware of.

You may remember that back in 2014, Australian iPhone owners were finding that their devices were being remotely locked and then essentially held at ransom; devices were threatened with remote wiping unless the owner coughed up a ransom. Unfortunately we may be in the midst of a copycat spate of almost identical incidents right now once again, though this time around the targeted users are located mostly in the United States and the Europe.

Source: New Ransom Attack Is Targeting iOS Device Owners In US And Europe, Here Are The Details | Redmond Pie

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Apple getting it on both sides, whats happening?

There may be some strong language in the comments, please be advised when reading any comment. The JRN takes no responsibility, except where I want people to be civil.

OK, I read two different things via Apple Vis, a site that talks about apple products. One of these, I saw and participated in a discussion on and I found it quite sad twhat I’m about to post.

The good news first, Apple to Receive Accessibility Award from the American Council of the Blind (Jul 2, 2016) is great news. Apple, in my opinion, has shown me that they care about accessibility. All software has bugs, and I have found that apple products just work, and they are easy to use. The bugs are minor, compared to other software, and I’ve betatested a lot of software in my days.

The bad news. NFB Passes Resolution Calling Apple’s Software Testing ‘Inadequate’, Seeking Changes (July 2, updated July 4, 2016) is just the worst thing I have ever read and saw comments on on facebook. If the NFB passed a resolution to get Apple to include the disabled in their betas so they can help get the bugs out, apple has already done this. I know several people already that are part of the beta, and before the beta turned free, they paid the $99 to be a part of the beta program. I don;’t know if the NFB can single handedly get apple to do what they want, and the article has the text of the resolution in it. May the best side of this debate win. Comment in the comment,s, please be civil toward each other, I’ll allow swaring as long as you are coherent in your speech. I expect people to be angry, and I am not here to censor you, but to make sure your post is thought out. If you want to comment on a future podcast, please do so.

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Voip as part of the internet specialist 101

as part of the internet specialist 101, VOIP and related technology was discussed. Assignment 12 talked about a question of what VOIP was and why you would use it. Here’s what I wrote, and you are welcome to partake this discussion.

VOIP can be used to receive and make calls. It is usually cheaper than traditional telephone lines, especially for international calls. I’ve used Skype, Gizmo Project, Net2Phone, and other projects to make and receive calls. Now-a-day, I mainly use skype. Most Internet companies such as comcast, offer phone service. I personally would make sure I had a land line wired connection in case of emergency, because VOIP does not work with E911 services. Although that has changed as of late, one thing to keep in mind is the Internet connection. If the connection is having trouble, than your call may have issues. It reminds me of the old cell phone calls at times. International calling with VOIP can be as low as 2 cents a minute, where the landline can cost as much as $.18 a minute as a minimum.

One thing i always tell people that if they use VOIP, and the Internet goes out, you don’t have phone service. That may be important for people to know about, because you may have services that utalize the phone line to place a call if something goes wrong, such as smoke detectors, the alarm, and even medical devices. I have heard that devices have issues calling out using VOIP.

The comment boards await you. Enjoy!

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important updates this week

Hi all.
Firstly this is the first major article.
for windows 7 users maybe later.
1. ms has deemed it necessary to update the windows upgrade diagnostic experience again.
2. ms has deemed to install a notifier for its journal system which its not upgraded in ages.
For both these.
1. why bother, add in the month for access tech and you only have 8 weeks runtime.
2. who uses journal anyway.

Now I did say this was important.
Uscert just posted something that by now a lot of us would have heard.
Someone has hacked symantech and gotten into its security.
Now I assume if you have autoupdaters or run live update it won’t be a problem for you but there are patches you need to install else your security program will be your undoing.
And people critisise me for using msse

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