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another patch tuesday

Hi all.
Welcome to another patch tuesday.
Firstly, oracle, hacked again.
Really am not surprised though java is everywhere, the last update is only just done last week.
As for trump, I doubt he’d care that much he has done that so far its not like he could care less.
Windows updates are all we have.
everything from windows pdf, to graphics, kernal, edge and ie, secure boot, authentication and other things are updated including the kernal.
They are updated for the same issues as last time and the time before that.
1 bypass and the rest remote code execution nothing special.
In win10 there is a history page at least little bugs are fixed as it goes.
No flash update, no other software updated today.

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another patch tuesday was released on August 9, 2016 at 6:06 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: August 9, 2016.

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