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another nail in the win10 coffin

Hi all.
Well this just came in as of now.
After dealing with a nasty virus, called the microsoft security virus, which aparently decides at random to reset user account control, then removing programs you have used for years without any trouble, making you have to reinstall said programs, run them to make sure and exclude more of your system from scanning, I found an article from another list.
Basically if you have a laptop with 10 on it and or use a usb webcam you may want to put off updates for anniversary at least to september.
Here is the base situation.
1. the anniversary update allows more situations where multiple apps can use the same webcam at once.
This is fine, it means you can share things and its generally good.
2. problem is it can create a new code stream which in turn can slow things down.
3. ms has addressed this with 2 new codecs yuy and prn.
4. to have users use this and to not have the issues, h264 and jpeg codecs are removed.
That is the base situation.
Sadly most cameras, use h264 and jpeg.
As a result, anyone with a webcam will have it crash as soon as it starts.
In some cases it means your laptop could become inaccessible, in one case the manufacturer recomended the user drop back to win7 and or xp to get round the issue because they were not prepaired to fix it.
Ms has after complaints from its users on a forum has said these will be fixed.
Jpeg will be fixed in september, h264 will be fixed later on but will take longer to fix.
For those of you saying what about my media files codecguide.com is good for you.
The klite codec packs are always updated with the latest old and new codecs.
Some games old ones like silent steel are a bit choppy now but oh well.
Ms has got a lot of bad press on itself.
People complaining their systems are reduced to paperweights.
In one case a user had to buy a new computer to get their business working and successfully sued microsoft over that.
It seems that microsoft is although trying to be right continously blundering with its own software.
One thing’s for sure, if they keep doing this I can see a lot of users going away from windows or pirating it.
The only reason I am in windows still is that I actually have all my programs on it.
To exit windows now would have me unable to game, and more importantly having lost a lot of cash on access tech, screen readers and other software.
The cost is to great to switch to a mac or linux but I am quite annoyed over this latest blunder.
I guess the only thing you can do now is keep your camera firmware and drivers updated.

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another nail in the win10 coffin was released on August 20, 2016 at 12:43 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: August 20, 2016.

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