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updates for this week

Firstly fully agree with the photos article just posted.
We humans need to realise that when we store something online its hard to kill.
So posting stupidly weather it be a prank, picture, or stupid video with you in the nood is probably not the best thing to post if you don’t want it in your face later on.
We know that courts can use as evedence our online profiles so as I have been saying for ages, we should treat the internet to as much as we can as if its an offline thing.
I know thats hard text brings up a lot of things, you decide from a person’s name who he or she, it is and in fact it is an it.
Gender is not the net’s middle name.
We are all its, we don’t have any names, no identities, we aren’t even human at least on the serfice.
Its only after you audio with someone or chat and know them that you can identify them etc.
When you use text you set a profile and most of the time what you think isn’t the real truth it almost never is.

Now on to this load of updates.
The first is a timezone update for windows.
Next are 2 updates, a role up for windows 7 itself, and another one to fix what it broke with system file checker.
Next is a dotnet reliability update.
Last on the list will please users that havn’t jumped to 10 yet.
Microsoft! is! fucking! leaving us alone!!!
Thats right, one of the updates is instructed to clear the windows 10 gwx program and all gwx related updates and spyware off our systems.
I assume therefor that the gwx app and all other updates are now no longer part of microsoft.
At least we know ms stuck to their guns.
For those of us getting nagged that stopps.
For me even with gwx removed I have noticed the system drives processing a lot of data somewhere, this has stopped.
If we want win10 we can get it.
If we want it for free and you have a screen reader go get it that way.
If you want the upgrade, then install nvda which is free and upgrade, you can probably kill that later once you are upgraded if you so wish.
I don’t suggest normals get it but ms has not restricted it your access tech needs to be install does not need to be running maybe it does.
Ms took a year and a month with several modifications to the gwx to try to get us to go to 10 and they have now given up on those that don’t want to go.
The only thing you will have to download after you restart is a stack update to windows for stability that is not on the update list but will appear.
My suspician is that its probably to replace some dammaged files or something.
While the updates are mostly fixing what was broken its good to see ms releasing features again.
In the last few weeks even before ms shut down xp and even after doing so for a while features were output to the os.

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