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office updates

Hi all.
A quick note to say that I recieved some updates to office this week.
Found them by accident on windows update twitter feed.
There are more accessibility improvements now so that works.
The only thing to tell all of you is continue what you are doing.
On a security note, I recieved messages from a friend that got ransomware.
I do think we need a refresher course.
There are several reasons you get ransomware.
1. you click links on dodgy websites, click links in fishing email, or spam or visit dodgy sites.
2. you download pirated software or fake software and don’t check it, antimalware stuff should pick some of this up but don’t tempt it man.
3. answer one of those automated or otherwise cold spam calls, don’t do that.
You shouldn’t click links you don’t know either.
If your friend sends you something to share scan it before you use.

You could be unlucky, but its almost impossible to get ransomware unless you are that unlucky.
But what happens if you have got some.
If you have been reading the blog or the net you will know how much dammage both physically and finantialy this thing effects everything else.
So what do you do.
1. reformat all your computers, and restore from backup.
Reupload all your files you want to your cloud accounts, change all your passwords and bank accounts and other things if you think they could be effected especially with scam calls.
Tell your friends about your loss and get them to make sure all their stuff is ok and give them a heads up.
Thats if you are lucky.
If not, in addition you will need to reformat your computer, your family’s computers, your friends computers, delete all your cloud accounts or clear them out and change passwords, destroy your backups, smash your computers and replace them, and probably not use the net.
I can’t stress this enough, there is no cure for ransomware bar to ditch everything and start fresh and hope you don’t screw up again.
Or you could pay the bad guys if you want.
Security stats show they tend to go away after you pay them and leave your stuff alone to.
The message to this scarey article is don’t catch this thing.
If you do you are screwed and so is evrything you own and everything your friends and family own if they have shared with you in the past.
There is supposed to be antiransomware software in the works from companies like malwarebytes but its not out just yet.

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office updates was released on September 24, 2016 at 3:08 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: September 24, 2016.

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