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comments on the latest posts

Yeah looks like I am a busy dood today and I havn’t even got through the catchup I have thought about getting at today.
So, I agree about us streaming to much.
We tweat to much in general.
Security asside do we the users be interested in who fucked who this morning or if you are going for a crap because you ate to much french fries?
We need to actually see what we as users post from the aspect of our viewers.
Its insecure, not smart, wastes bandwidth and drives away potential users.
I have friends that will block/ spam anyone that posts everything they do.
My cousin uses youtube to stream all the games he has done and stuff like that.
I have a blog I try to blog about a few things I do every week.
I have read journals and posts where I have learned about others that are now friends, and that well have lives that are not my own.
Learning such things as for example that in europe and places in the us, the boiler is extremely important is something I would never use here in new zealand, as our law of central heating is just well not up to standard, etc.
From time to time I doodle with junk things but its only when I am bored stiff.
One thing we and all social media previders need to define right is what a friend or a follower is.
For me a follower is someone that follows my post or that I follow that has an interestt, they can see my posts, and comment on them.
A friend should be the next level up from follower, they can have access to my contact info, my address, phone number, etc, can send me stuff, can come to my place, interact with me in all the ways etc.
In the basic friend level they can use my email address.
I can choose who can get access to that info.
So everyone can follow me.
But I need to be the one that initiates that friendship.
Maybe if I like their posts a lot, I may volinteer my email address via form or something to say they can be a basic friend.
It gets a bit more involved maybe I want an audio conversation, my skype.
After that that should probably be the limit of the social site, sure I can give out more info putting the messages out, and then maybe if I get a real friend we could be teamed up somehow.
The networks are not as suffisticated.
Firsttly, you don’t have any friends.
Right now a friend is someone who follows your posts and can talk to you, but they could be your friends, your enemies, a spam bot, a hacker, or a murderer.
There is no distinction on what a friend actually is.
Usually, I have people friend me and I don’t do that.
I do have people follow posts and say they like it.
If I know them I continue with them.
I will if I want to talk to them get a skype contact for audio.
And email for chatting.
Rarely do I actually give out more info.
If they say they are from my country, then I do give my phone number and they will give them mine then its outside the digital net sphere and after that anything goes.
While my digital username, skype and email address are fair game, I don’t much care who gets those, I wouldn’t want my cell, phone or address to come out for use at all.
Even when I get an international job, I don’t give them out unless I get an official legal requests with an official terms aggreement which I can read.
This is not 1999.
Last week a user on my net of friends, got bored and setup a public ftp just to see what past his door.
For me it was harmless fun.
I got some midi music and a few audio recordings and found out about some artests I never knew about.
However for others it was cracks, ransomware and other junk which made it on there, the server is dad now.
But I got what I wanted out of it.
Now I just need to kill the dammaged data files and see what I got but still.
One thing I have noticed net wize is the fact it closely mirrors the real world.
To close.
There are a few different rules.
1. cops, there are some but not many.
2. security, there is, but not as much as you’d think or like.
3. robbers, there are a lot of those.
4. tourists, a lot of those to.
5. terrorists, same as 4.
6. people that just are like you or me, same as above.
7. adds, yes and spam bots, more junk than is necessary etc, etc.
On the net, you are a name, a number, an ip link.
You are probably someone but who knows what you are actually.
You never sleep, never eat, never feel the sun, you do what you have done.
Some have jobs but not everything costs.
You don’t eat either.
Now, thats fine and all, but when this world crashes with ours, and since we don’t know how to use the virtual world right sometimes it leaks more often than not into our world it makes a mess.’
THe yahoo breach, yeah, yahoo is going to ditch all its mail next year local isps are moving cloud servers back home.
On the gaming front, I do think what needs to happen is simply have more security on these games, if a hacker wants in he will get in, the same is with a burglar or other such bad guy, the net is the same as the real world.
We just have a few more classes of badys out there thats all.
One thing we need to do is treat the net the same as the eal world to some extent we do but not enough.
The risks havn’t gone up, it would be like lumping all the world into a room, we have the seedy bit of the world and the good part.
Its dangerous if you are not carefull, etc, same is usual on the net.
In most cases everyone has their lives and some want to be your friends, but you wouldn’t trust all, etc.
Not all real world laws, like copywrite, privacy, etc will work as they do on the net, and not all net rules will quite work outside of it.
With the net becoming part of our world, we will have to start treating it as such and modifying our laws else we will have conflict.
Privacy as it stands with the event of the net is no more.
Copywrite as it stands with the net is no more though we are trying to adapt that some what.
With privacy, there are still those that believe that it should remain the same as it always was and means, thats not the same really.
With some of the non incrimental services, you can’t for example turn your real friends on and off, you can’t kill them then say you didn’t mean it etc.
On the net you can just do that and it doesn’t mesh right.
If I have to read into this we still have a long way to go.

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