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updates this week

Hi all.
Microsoft released a preview update for october for the next month’s update.
It includes 4 things.
1. a new certificate for windows catalog which is being revamped.
2. an improvment to its diagnostics tracking through secured servers.
3. and 4.
Fixes to security updates which made things go nuts.
Some of these like the printer fixes are in 10 to so.
This roleup is for 7 and server 2008.
On codecguide.com adobe released stand alone installers for the flash player.
However I recomend users still use the web versions as for one thing they work and are accessible.
These just install and are done but when I tried on a test system it locked it up and the installer crashed after stating it was done.
At any case the web version installs fast you just need to kill those checkboxes before you install that file.
You can also customise your installer before you download it.
Next, ccleaner 5.23 is out.
For those using firefox it will install chrome on your system.
You will need to uninstall chrome, you should clear data, there is no firefox to change your web brouser to sadly.
SSo after you uninstall chrome you won’t be able to go online at all.
Run firefox from the run dialog and answer the question to use it as default then it works again.
Its a pitty piriform doesn’t have checkboxes like others do its just as well its a good program thats all.
On the articles front.
Everyone gets hacked during elections and yeah I agree with you office stuff especially mail needs to be safe.
Also remember where your flash drive was.
A security company left flash drives all over the place usually buy universities and offices.
They were researching if people would just pick them up.
They installed simulated ransomware and other things into computers and also got access to lots of info.
They conclude that people picking up what look to be free usb drives is a problem.
I do know for a fact my brother got infected with malware once from a drive he got at uni.
I also know that at uni people often left and lost their flash drives.
My brother told me that at least 10 drives would be left on the desk or floor of every room he went to.
I am unsure how we would fix things but keeping track of our stuff and putting it away when done maybe not leaving lids and stuff on our desk where they can be easily knocked would be a start.
One thing to do not use personal email for work as its logged.
Do not do banking or other things even if legal during work and don’t tweat either companies hate that during work and in fact block it.
I have people that pay bills at work I am not sure how good that is either.
Your boss doesn’t want you to serf the net while you are supposed to be working.

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Last modified: October 18, 2016.

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