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Going back to my last article it seems hackers used iot devices with telnet connections active.
You should always change the default passwords, and you shouldn’t allow telnet to any of your devices.
A security cammera does need access so you can view that on a secured server but your tv etc shouldn’t need to access anything unless its on and you are using it.
This is probably a problem for those of use who have devices with weird custom built oses but for droid devices they should be easy enough to secure.
Compaired to a pc, the most you will need to pay for malware protection is 9 bucks, so 20 bucks could probably buy you the diagnostic and security packages you will ever need for your device, compaired to a pc thats a pritty small price to pay.
Sadly the hacker used an abandoned mud game connection to get into, securing your telnet games well needs doing.
Sadly all of these muds and such do use telnet, it looks like using default ports is out.
In all cases, its recomended that unless you need remote access to something that it be switched off.
If you really need unobstructed service from a device and it can’t easily be secured, maybe it should be connected to a device that can.
An epc or low cost computer costs under 300 bucks if pc.
Less if droid or pie unit.
A raspberry pie media server at least in new zealand is 70 dollars at stock level.

Back to the current story, I am undecided, did this guy do anything wrong.
If this anything to go on, it may be nothing or the guy has done something totally bad.
It seems that if the government wants you they can make things up and we don’t know or will ever know what the truth actually is.
On the flipside, it is known that from time to time and probably more than is reported execs and other employees of everything from the government to the guys in the companies will play a sneaky on people and their bosses.
Noone is perfect, and they may think they can get away with stealing a litthe here, a little there, get to cocky, get caught and their totaled.
So it could be this, more likely the government made some mistake, and someone is being blamed for all of it.
While he may have stolen things, it now gives the government a reason to steal his data and so on and so on.
He may have been given the data by someone else who stole it from somewhere else.
After the snowden thing, the wikileaks thing and the way excuse th raceisum here every fucking fat american pig is going.
This reminds me of my parents home country indonesia.
This may be a first world democraticly elected group of wankers but they are still, fat, lazy fucking wankers and I don’t trust anyone.
Security wise, the government are all powerfull.
And therefor you should trust the government less than the hackers and spammers.
The government have all the rights, you don’t have any rights, because the government controls you and everything.
And while this is usually ok when they get it wrong they like to get rid of it.
And while we don’t go round killing and bombing whole citties when we get pissed, I sometimes wish we would be like isis or those that don’t sugarcoat things, we know they are all fraud but we never know where we stand because no one comes out and says it.
Saying that if trump gets in, thats probably going to be the end of any government, put it this way, there is no way he will ever leave if ever elected, he will be a dictator, and that probably means no constitution so who knows.
This is another degradation of freedom and service.
Then again, whats new.
There are to many breaches of security or trust for me to be supprised anymore, to many suits.
About the only reason we are not all slaves to the machine is probably because the monster corps find themselves more of a threat than us.
As long as it stays that way we are free but when it stopps we’re in for it!

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