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this weeks updates and articles

Hi all.
In reverse order here are the updates and news.
It seems that yahoo hasn’t learned a bit, they just released the fact 1 billion had their data and identity stolen from 2013 it was discovered during the 2014 hack investigation and could indanger their deal with verisen.
I am not supprised with this record I do think yahoo is ruined.
In another bit of news, if you have a second generation watch and find that the new update does not exist then read on.
If you were unlucky and now have a red exclamation on your watch, call apple, and take the watch to apple so you can buy a new one.
Yeah aparently with watch gen2 units, the watchos 3.1 update released on monday bricked all watches in that class.
So if you have it with your new gen2 and chances are you do, apple will replace it free for you.
The update was pulled down within a day and won’t be up till they fix whatever is buggy.
Update wise.
Released in no order we have klite mega codec 12.7 series 12.71 is the latest.
Adobe services updated database.
Flash player now up to series 24.
ccleaner up to 5.25.
The standard roleup for all the remote invasions windows and office seem to have, same deal nothing new here.
See my other blog for other news.

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