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comments on today’s articles

Jared I couldn’t agree more on the ransomware issue.
I use msse which sucks.
I did try to go the big guys root first.
1. avira didn’t have the featureset I would like, I also heard some sob stories on how a user in one of my forums got it that all their drivers and screen readers were viruses meaning a reformat.
I tried software that said it would secure my system.
It didn’t add that it wouldn’t allow anything it deemed needed to be run on any computer.
That was a problem when i started for programming class write scripts.
I then found that whilst I could uninstall it, it took windows out along the way.
I then loaded more software for exactly the same thing, surprise surprise this time it took out ole on all the 3 networked systems.
What a mess, the software didn’t even work.
A reformat fixed it the companies in question had gone from the net, no trace of them.
Shortly after that the magazine that had all this stuff on net guid nz stopped cd distribution with their mags saying that the net had the answers.
More than likely people were suing them for the dammage I guess I would be quite furious myself.
Sadly, secure doesn’t actually mean anything.
For us blind folks it means inaccessability and the possibility our own screen and or other software may be taken out by the security software in question.
Even with the systems I maintain I use malwarebytes to scan the system but then once its done I immediately kill it.
I used to trust spybot sd.
But that was ages ago.
I was thinking at one stage of getting sophos home for all my systems or spending the 50 bucks us buying vipre for lifetime membership.
Here’s the thing, as a user of security software not only do I need to make sure its accessible vs secure, I also need to make sure it will run with no hastle or babysitting.
I need it to work, I need it to work 1000000% of the time, I need it to never crash or fuck itself or my computer, I need it to have support emails or phone calls.
I need it to never change its interface.
I most importantly need it to be cheap, not cost a yearly subscription and never go down in the ratings.
Oh and I need it to not need me to use jaws or special scripts never have need of graphics, not have inaccessible manuals, need the companies to understand the blind and not brush us off because they think we are helpless fuckers etc, etc, etc.
If that is then settled then security is my main concern if it works.
Its impossible ratings will be constant.
I started with mcafee, pirated ofcause and it worked for a bit then norton.
This worked to some degree but needed me to babysit it it even got me to buy a subscription.
It did from time to time make my system unstable especially on first install.
Ie if you uninstall one part because it crashed you need to reformat because if you install it again it won’t run.
It also used to much resources.
I turned as much of it off as I could and kept it round as on demand.
In 2003 mr norton changed to symantech and suddenly they started changing things making me being dictated what needed to run and or not.
The systems were under spec but I couldn’t justify the cash for norton.
Later on users complained about it slowing down their systems and later on I had to remove norton to speed up a client’s system that was running slow.
I still have friends that use norton and love it and never complain.
Next avg.
Avg 6, and 7, and to some extent 8 really are nice.
Finally no babysitting, no big issue, good interfaces, no hastle no fuss.
However if it got something that looked like a trogen it would do this.
Avg has found a trogen on your computer the file jaws.exe or readme.mp3 or talk.txt is win 32_no name unnamed 53sdfjtewrfujoeiwu5338 virus and has been removed.
Never mind that unnamed random id and complex number has no search results.
And does not exist.
Then I was working with batch source code, and linux stuff.
file name on linux filename.txt.
filename on pc for conversion filename.lnx or .unx.ltx to filename.txt.dos rename to filename.txt.
Filename.lnx.txt is trogen ansi malware win32_noname 5y7ds7y6rfhuisdhfyuiewr63434343unknown.
At the end I had no option but to uninstall that to.
In v9 the thing got inaccessable and even when they fix that I found a folder on my system root and the root of every drive crunching away, the drive was going full out at system idol the fans were going nuts.
Affraid about the hardware and drives being wrecked I killed it.
I have heard since then high cpu usage and added toolbars.
Msse/ windows defender does everything it says on the package except that its average and will randomly say something is a virus even if its worked with it for ages and ages.
Nod32, costs and while its good I don’t know if I can subscribe yet again.
vipre has a 3 unit sub for 50 bucks, sophos is cloud based but so is now windows defender.
I am no longer confident that my security software will work for me.
I’d be happy dealing with the ransomware itself than the software.
As for backups I have had at least 5 drives fail in 5 years 3 last year, one of them a new backup drive.
I almost lost everything its not full proof.
Whenever I have chucked this on forums and lists and blogs of companies there has been absolute silence.
On the access front look at steam and valve, they refuse to do something.
you almost feel like hacking them and burning them down seriously thats what I feel like.
Security seems to equal inaccessibility, data loss and corrupted files, no thanks!
Avast was good but had capchas now its failing to.
If we want to be truely secure either the companies have to come to the table or they will have to be made to.
Sadly with the state of the us right now that will never happen, especially since reports say we could loose disability rights, acts health insurence and the lot.
I am not sure about europe.
None of the big corperations care so I just get on with my life.
Security for the disabled is a fucking ass joke, it really is.
I am not secure, but to be secure means I loose all rights and privilages I currently have, its to unequal.
Heliohost seems bad I had the same issue with 000webhost.
I have given up, I have a wordpress site blog and thats it.
Cloud backups may work but costs for those the isps, accessing things, etc.
This world is not disabled friendly.

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