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comments on last post

Hi jared.
I actually find being called sock puppet a bit offensive.
There are many reasons I can think of making an identity which is not your own.
1. you are some undercover agent going against terrorism or spam tracking or something.
2. you are in a chat, no one has needed to reveal their names.
3. you are in a blog like this one or in fact on a forum.
The net is dangerous.
While on a lot of places people know me because well they just do, if I chose, I could make a fake gmail address, a fake id, etc I just don’t.
One thing would be that I’d have to check 2 addresses or forward addresses to addresses and I can’t be bothered.
I seriously don’t think its new this definition.
We have been making ids all the time and a lot are doing it for the heck of it.
While I don’t think it would come to anything, imagine if it came down to it that you would have to use your real name everywhere you go thats not really safe.
On that note, a small update was released to skype and ccleaner today.
Also of note, defragler does not recognise all ssds as ssds, it tried to defrag my ssd drive as a hard drive though who knows, it may have detected 2 hard drives and not a hdd and ssd.
I have also noticed that the percent actually fragmented is greater on defragler than a standard defrag and it almost never says the true percentage, windows defrag says a much lower percentage on the drives when run.
I wish there was a standardised value set for actual acurate figures.
On a system I am maintaining, defragler says overblown values on all drives.
thats standard with defragler.
On standard defrag the command line, I get another value meaning it needs some attention.
On regular where it detects both hdd and ssd, the hdd is 0 and the ssd is 0 phase for optimisation which means that the optimisation and defrag for the hdd is working and the optimisation phase on the ssd which ofcause is not the thing to defrag has been working fine.
While defragler is accessible I am really wandering if it has our best intrests at heart.
I killed it on the system I was working on but still have it round on others, I have run it and its more stable, but the values are inacurate, you would have to run it at least 10 times to really make it 0 itself where is windows defrag you only need to do once.
In theory, windows is supposed to do this on an automatic footing.
Thats usually fine, but only if it runs in schedualed timeslots.
If you in theory left your system on all the day it would eventually do it.
I personally don’t advocate this though.
Several reasons.
1. security, no need to be logged in, especially since we have dynamic ips.
2. stress on hardware no need to stress when you are not using it for long periods.
3. noise, I don’t know about you but noise can still be heard.
And last but not least notifications can be distracting.

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