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comments for this week

Firstly look at the following
http://www.fastcompany.com/3067260/hit-the-ground-running/this-google-experts-top-seo-tips-for-job-seekers-in-2017 … by
This is a guide for job seekers to get noticed.
Its largely linked in heavy.
For us as blind people videos etc don’t really apply unless you want one.
Your qualifications and experience applies if you have either.
Your photo applies if you have a sightling to take it and give it for you then dropbox it and keep it with you.
I am unsure if your blindness profile doing blindy things for blindy people ever applies to the mainstream.
For me your best bit is to put direct feelers out and look.
Third party agencies let me down to many times to be of any real use.
And when they half worked things half worked to.
And when they failed they went into program loops eventually asking you to pay cash to them.
I say delete, then they ask me to pay cash and charge my account and I say delete and they go away.
Maybe I havn’t had a good run.
I doubt the standard people that recruit will care about your blindy past and blindy activities no matter how impressive.
Directly emailing those you know or contacts in organisation or directly responding and engaging with the companies themselves will.
I am not saying its easy, but I have had better success up front with organisations.
Every time I complete a contract I end with the fact I’d still like more.
In this world its not adverts anyway its who you know and where you can go.
My first job started with me ringing a friend and saying I was bored because I didn’t have one and wanted to do tech stuff.
She put me in touch with a guy who was related to one of her tutors, and this got me into government research.
That wasn’t the greatest thing, its 1-3 hours grind twice a year and while good I couldn’t see me taking this on as a full time slog.
Data entry even high payed data entry with the transport and lunch chucked in, varying teams, a cool as boss and the chance to work with supercomputers and large data tablets has its drawbacks.
No cellphones or electronics due to security and shielding.
Sitting in a interesting position while working and wearing devices, often emerced in liquid, the tiredness, and the fact I tend to eat more than I would usually eat even though I am only using my brain is a concern.
Solving bugs on the fly is a pluss, but for a job its really just data input.
Most of the time I don’t even see the reports.
My next jobs involved me subscribing to a blind organisation list for technology.
I recieved a brief message from a government test team rep that basically said one of their main testers got some malware which fried their network and had to withdraw.
The deadline was that day, should have been that day.
I had to fill in first come first served.
A lot of people applied.
Initial project went for 2 years and at the end of that, last year the team was restarted again and I recieved my first paycheck.
Granted it was only around 100 but the usual technition fee for my kind of work is 25 bucks per hour which isn’t to bad.
That was like that way with the last job to, until hr decided that it was a skilled job and so it went up to 100 bucks per hour with 40-50 bucks overtime.
If you take the 25-30 bucks for transport and 10-20 for food they may have been paying for with the previous job thats actually a major sum.
Payments were with cash or fuel cards or supermarket vouchers only but still.
The rest were direct transfers.
Thats another thing.
If you have a bank account, you should have a couple
A day to day savings account and an investment account they call it.
Its basically check, its where all your payments go for benifits and jobs and where you do online stuff.
For international jobs and you will encounter a lot of them from time to time though they may or may not come up as the case may be, I’d get a debit card.
Even if you never use this card its needed for paypal access.
Why not credit?
If you have your own business and can mannage funds you can I guess.
But to stop you becoming a spendaholic it may be easy to get debit.
If you spend your account then you spend your account and will know about it.
If you get the other then in debters hell you go.
Look at the can’t pay we’ll take it away show on uk tv and you will find how firey, hot and full of brimstone debters hell is, in short don’t go there if you can help it.
You will have to get used to obscure paths to.
Also deadlines that seem to be immediate.
Things you will need off the cuff.
Email skills, office and wordprocessing are not big but you should take some.
Your organisation should have basic net, wordprocesser and other free or low cost courses for you to take to start off with.
If you get a scholarship then a business certiffic is a must.
In particular the following subjects I found invaluable to me.
1. level 3 communications.
Basically your standard english class with basic report, letter and speech writing.
2. introduction management, which shows how businesses work and are structured.
3. introduction to marketing, shows how advertising works.
4. introduction to law which shows you how law works in particular business law.
I’d also take information systems for general computer knowledge, wordprocessing level2 and if you get a good reader spreadsheeting level2.
I’d also take a refresher math course for theory if you can stomach it.
If you do get a scholarship or even if you don’t there are keys to success cources in such things as writing and time management.
If you need to speak a lot in public as part of your description and feel nervous then joining toastmasters is a good thing to do to.
I am not but my brother who is an enginier is.
He is not the best but can write speaches in a week and practice them in 2 days or so and get ready to rock so thats usefull.
For the international jobs I’d recomend the following.
1. teamtalk, teamspeak and ventrilo people use these for job stuff from time to time.
2. skype is really needed for international phone stuff.
3. email client like thunderbird.
4. good email and net skills.
5. a paypal account.
A lot of jobs for international use paypal for their transactions.
Some may charge direct transfer to.
Another thing to note, if you do do local jobs, giving out your comtact number is fine.
But if you run internationals only give your contact number if they spaciffically ask for it.
Its not just privacy, talking to people internationally can mean juggling time round.
Remember that email is timeless.
If they ask you to talk directly, try a voice chat service or a voip like skype first if possible.
If they want to ring you arange a time, but it may not be worth the call to ring them.
Some like my latest venture with sonarinteractive will want to physically meet with you.
Just be carefull who you trust and such especially if you need to let them into your house or something.
Look at social networks of your friends or other places for jobs.
One thing you may get is a servey to fill to get a job, or a couple lines for a job.
Remember in this day and age the companies or people that are hiring you are also searchable, so in theory you shouldn’t ever run into much trouble unless you jump to fast.
But what if you do?
If its to good to be true then it may or may not be that way.
Sometimes you need to see if they are really honest or not.
Usually if they speak to fast and or say outrageous things of what they expect they are over their heads.
You can spam block emails, block them on twitter, and skype etc.
Delete their contacts, etc.
It gets worse if they know where you live or even know your credit card.
If they know your paypal email or bank number they can’t really pull cash from you, just read the fine print.
Contracts in my business are usual one off things or verbal but if you ever have a written contract, it may be worth checking it out if you can.
On to other things.
1. smart tech.
Smart tech is really good but anything in a computer can be broken.
So all those smart things could be hacked it doesn’t mean they will but anything electronic is breakable.
In fact anything physical is breakable period.
2. certifficate breaches.
To be honest big companies loose their keys all the time it seems to be the nature of the beast.
This is partly solved with the fact keys never stay valid for a month or 2 at a time for the most part and new ones always exist and come out.
From time to time, keys get lost in transfer or a new key is revoked by mistake, or simply someone drops their keys.
Since its easy to make new keys, companies just tend to make another key and then say we dropped the old one.
Sometimes like the act of dropping your keys or not being able to find your wallet or glasses they will publically drop their keys and the net being the unsorted filing cabinet it is tends to have those being found by something else later on.
A certifficate compromise is not as bad as it sounds to be honest.
As long as another key is made once dropped then its not a problem.
The dropped key will eventually expire if not found and keys expire from time to time anyway.
Even microsoft and major certifficate previders are not imune to dropping keys.
And because of the large volume it doesn’t matter that much if 1 or 1 million drop their keys.
Its a problem if someone finds and use the keys before they die but then you can just issue new keys without much issue.
Maybe its the fact its so easy to make a key that losing is not much of a loss.
The problem with any secured system is the fact that even if you never drop a key someone will smash a window and just steal the cash box with all the keys in it.
Online databases with keys are stolen to often but its been round since the net.
Every so often the locks and the way they are made needs changing.
And standards need updating.
And sometimes people need to tell others that the lock is not effective anymore.

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