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the state of tech

Comment on the following and then look at my comments
The article is explaining exactly what I feel is happening.
With technology becoming more simpler than it needs to be, we are losing the knowledge to fix it when it breaks or secure it.
On the plus side, it means technitions and others will have better jobs but on the minus its going to become a problem.
I am not sure if I aggree if we have slipped that far back but we are close to it.
I grew up with dos, I worry if I don’t have everything up to date.
Every driver, every software I can, as long as its free or low cost.
I want to make sure within reason that I am fully updated where I can.
I don’t fully aggree with his security stance.
I also don’t aggree everyone should use linux.
Firstly windows is all over the place, reguardless of what people may think, all desktops are not dynosaws.
Computers may be getting smaller but everything has its function.
The net doesn’t need to be filtered but on the other hand, if you took away all the nice sides to tech, background tasks and multitasking would have to take a dive to.
I couldn’t dream of having to go back to a single task system.
Yes in the old days things were easier to handle.
If things went wrong you knew.
But all this new stuff its all in acrinims and code, like oob, wbm msxml, etc.
We don’t know whats broken and well its a problem.
On the otherside as long as things are secured.
I don’t mean secured to the nines where it impacts system performance but secured just enough so the user needs to watch their ass its fine.
A lot of this new stuff is designed so we don’t have to bother with it to much.
When I started my technical job I got no training I started by running every file on my dos 5 system and seeing what it does.
No one does this anymore.
If you run every program you can on your windows system you know what it does and you learn.
True you can’t trash your box but keep searching google for things and see what they do.
I didn’t have that resource.
2. hacking is bad.
Because of the criminals, hacking suddenly is bad, it never was bad as such its just what the media says.
Not all hacking is bad.
In fact in some cases with industry there are security bounty programs.
Yes, find the holes and see if you can hack our system and you will get 100 grand and maybe a job!
Next there is all this spying.
We are making to much of a fuss.
In most cases if you don’t screw up then you are not a problem.
No government has the resources to go after those of us that lead average lives.
Yet we are scared into thinking that everyone is after our ass.
From reading things online, and my own experience.
Your average hacker isn’
‘t after your average home user.
Why, no cash in it.
Big businesses, governments and others known to have cash are targets.
Its known unpatched systems and a lot exist we know that are targets.
3. miss information, there is a lot of this.
Your antivirus software or security software shouldn’t slow down your box, if it does its badly programmed and should be dumped.
The best protections are our heads, and maybe some passive software, not our expensive software packages.
If thats true, then 3 games I play, pluss a bunch of documents I use daily and programs I run as well as stuff I write are trogens or something like that.
As for dangers online, kids ie 5 year olds and up shouldn’t even have access to computers.
They’re to stupid and dumb and only know enough to get trouble.
Chatrooms can be and have been proven to be dangerous we know this.
That new torrent is not the best unless you use vpns, and if you can afford it buy it.
If you can’t then there are probably some opensource things round the place.

Things I don’t aggree with.
All kids shouldn’t need to program their systems.
This is not the 1960s or the punch card days.
Kids need to use word and excell and search google for resources.
When I started I learned my blindy wordprocesser and thats it and its all kids need to learn.
Kids shouldn’t use smartphones or anything till they are at least 20, I never used a smart phone till just after university.
Before that I did have a phone for calling numbers but that was all.
Children shouldn’t have access to the net till they are at least in highschool
The net is not a little place with resources in it.
It is now another real world, another world with its shops and stores and robbers and other criminals like our world has.
Everything goes and sometimes it doesn’t.
The only difference from the net to the real world are the following.
1. you don’t need to eat drink or sleep.
2. while you can order things for your offline self you can’t consume anything online.
3. cash, yes you can shop in stores for things you want offline and maybe things for online games but you can’t buy anything as such like a car to drive online as such.
You can’t consume drugs online offline you can but never online.
Its never dark on the net, but then there isn’t a sun either.
There are no quakes or fires or anything as such on the net either.
There are no storms or beaches or anything.
Cyberspace is not like systemshock 2, the matrix or anything, its just another place you can do a few things.
Everyone on twitter and face book is not your fucking friend!
In fact you don’t know who anyone is usually.
The net is unsafe and dangerous.
There is no discrimination either but still.
Taking this in mind, then you should know that the net other than all that is close to the world.
Sadly text is not the best form of communication.
Even now I am making assumptions on people I read, where they live, even building entire lives for that person, but those are errors I don’t know who the fuck they are unless I talk to them physically.
Security and privacy do not exist.
There are several reasons.
The most important one is not that we blab our location to the world.
That does not matter.
When we buy things we send our credit card info to the world.
That again doesn’t matter really.
The government knows who we are and thats stored online and again it doesn’t matter.
Even if your internet and entire identity is stolen and misued and you end up in jail that still doesn’t matter.
The most important thing which no one grasps is that we like to gossip, posting on social media and other things.
And we like to brag just about everything about ourselves.
I don’t mean to stop, but at least think what we are sharing.
That allone should reduce our risks.
That next bit of security software is not security its just a chance for something else to get wrong.
Oh and that software is not exactly configured for you its made by someone else telling you what they think you should do.
I am not saying don’t be secure, you should have something to moniter things and such but don’t automate so when it goes nuts then you don’t know what is happening.
Be carefull where you go and visit.
Above all if you have teens and kids, you will sadly have to keep your install disks near by.

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