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editorial, what age should we get cellphones or is there more from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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editorial, what age should we get cellphones or is there more

This article from stuff
Is an interesting read.
In brief, is discussed how yung is to yung to have a smart device.
Firstly I don’t share the opinions of the artical writer fully but
partly agree with it all the same.
I will respond to this article with one of my own.
My question dear readers is not if children or teens should get access
to phones but should children and teens get access to the net.
No lets go even further should some adults be banned from using the net
or cellphones entirely.

We all know how cool technology is, social networks, blogs like this
one, twitter, facebook, calls overseas with skype, free services like
vibre, whatsapp, group shares, cloud services like mega, dropbox google
drive, calendars like the google one, diaries, scheduals, games,
research, net searches, the list goes on.
We also know about the down sides of technology.
No, these are not hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware, and all that,
its deeper than being hacked or getting your identity stolen.
No, its worse than that.
Let me ask you a simple question, how many times over the last 10 years
have you played a board game, played cards, gone out side and played any
games at all, socialised with friends, not got stressed because the net
has gone down, etc, and if your answer is not for ages if ever you are
probably close to the truth.
It is known that we use our devices to much.
Our activity has reduced.
Our wish to take risks has reduced to, we are scared to break something.
We need our mail and the net.
If the net goes down we are at a loss.
For those born pre net era life was different.
For those born post net we know no other.
The fact just about anyone can use a computer is a blessing and a curse
for when it breaks we are almost powerless to fix it and this trend will
continue on and on.
Crimes asside, and the usual rifraff I write on here this article got me
thinking and thinking hard about a time before I had access to the net.
That time for me was at the end of the 80s, and the 90s up through till
the revolution in 2002.
I remember playing board games with my family, children playing outside
in the street, games on games.
Sure there was tv, but it had its place.
Research required you to physically do it, if you had something to do,
you either called for it on a normal phone, or got out of the house to
do it.
You had friends, real friends, and you talked or wrote as the case may be.
You got on with things because you knew you had to.
Even when computers really came out they had their place.
I can’t say I watch much tv even though I have a pre smart 24 inch job.
Even though its got audio description on.
I do have dvds but don
‘t watch to much.
I have drives full of files but I never sit to much and listen all day
if I can help it.
I try vary hard to ballence my life on the pc and off it.
I don’t use a modern smart phone nore care for one just yet.
I see several issues with our world.
1. computers are everywhere.
We are getting on them to quickly, from our humble consoles to that
latest ipod everything has them.
They are cool, and they rock, but we have forgotten their place.
We are not to far from becoming dependent on technology but there is
still enough time if we move there are still a couple older generations
left to teach the new.
The following things need to happen in my mind.
1. children should not have computers or smart phones or any
electronics to be honest.
They should play outside, break legs and other things as they used to do.
I have never broken a leg in my life but no one has the choice anymore.
All the health laws mean people are so worried of being sued that we all
sink into a non risky weak state.
2. a computer should be shown to a teen or those at school as a
research tool, first, secondly a gaming one, and only for the moment
educational games and maybe old style video games.
3. once you are at the age you can vote or drink whatever is later,
that will be the age you can be left to do whatever till then strict
rules should be in place to stop people going online not knowing the risks.
Playing on your devices is fine but being more interested in them than
real world is not.
Its why on holiday I force myself to leave my computer at home and not
use it.
I do take a recorder or a music player with recording facilities, a
camera is also good to.
Maybe a note book if you are able to see to write in and a diary there
are still paper ones round the place.
I don’t know how we’d block this, but all those violent games and such
while fun just are no good for children.
Heck adds for games games in general are no good.
Twitter and other things are no good for children, in fact once they
master a life outside the machine realm, then by all means introduce
them to it.
We are creating people that never have been outside and have almost no
need for it.
And before you judge, I do have family that are locked to their devices
all the time all day long and not using them as was intended.
I have a friend recently dead who was an impulse buyer.
He brought lots and lots of stuff of and online.
He is dead!
He can’t take all his stuff to heaven with him, most of it is unused,
and what do you do.
While some of his stuff can be sold for little cash, most of it is not
interesting for the people that have to deal with it.
So it will all go to landfill.
His house is junk, it is in agood ariea but it will be destined to
become another monster apartment block like everything else.
This guy has no legacy, his wife still alive languishes in a home with
almost no cash and not much to show for her past life.
Granted this is an extreme case, but is this what we want for future
To start, live on material things and then it all goes poof and no more?
True our digital identities will remain till hackers take them and we
are kicked off the net entirely but our ghosts even digital ones are not
alive, text is no substitute for communication and those people on our
twitter and facebook accounts are not our friends.
The people you email well some of them may be your friends sort of as
well as those on social networks.
But if you die, you have nothing to remember you by or only an aspect to
remember you by.
The only differences from real buildings and those constructed online as
that they never age.
Nice isn’t it, but what about if not only do they never age, they never
Or more simple terms, if you have an online house it never gets older,
its always sunny, the food in the fridge never goes off, its never eaten
in fact its only an idea of food.
You never get older, but neither do you have a past.
You never sleep but then you don’t have much of a life either.
True, you can game, play music, socialise, chat, go on dates, have sex,
Watch tv, read the news paper.
You can never break a leg, drive, eat, sleep, get sick, die, physically
touch, or talk as such.
You are not a name, a person, just a user id, a link, an ip, you are not
black or white, have no religion, aren’t much at all.
Thats all well and good.
But the net has connections to the outside.
We mirror the net, the net mirrors us, but there are differences in the
There is no crime on the net but there are no laws either.
There are no police on the net but its not like you can do any crime
online that doesn’t have an offline exit.
You could hire a murderer but never be killed online.
You could steal someones identity, infect someone’s computer with a
virus, but you couldn’t do much if you stayed online.
You are imortal but time never moves.
You are but you aren’t at the same time.
Thats all well and good but as I said everything in the net has a hard
link outside.
If you do a crime online it will eventually link outside so no escape.
Things do change outside the net and as soon as things leave the net
they are subject to our universe and its rules.
We are forgetting where we sit in the big machine.
We don’t sit anywhere in the big machine, we are part of it but we are
still linked outside of it so we aren’t at the same time.
Fact is the world emulates the net and the net emulates the world except
it doesn’t.
So this all means in short that we are becoming more interested in the
online than offline world.
We are not machines yet, and that means we need equal access to both.
And if we continue as we are, then we will find out just how useless and
insubstancial our ghosts are.
If we lose our hard links we are nothing.
I know future movies and scifi likes to have humans in some cases not
needing boddies ever, and that we are big minds, etc but lets face it,
we forget about the outside then we may as well live in the sun for all
it will do us.
I think everyone needs to decide where they slot in instead of jumping
on the bandwaggon.

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editorial, what age should we get cellphones or is there more was released on February 8, 2017 at 12:00 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
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