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Trying a new site for publishing to a wider audience

Hi all,

I’ve always tried to write about various types of technology, and even when I’ve gotten articles out, I’ve not had a lock on them. Part of that trouble is my plug in I think, where it isn’t tweeting anymore. The other aspect is, that this site, Vocal allows me to branch out and cover a wide variety of topics all on the same platform. I know it is accessible, however, they need images. They helped me publish a longer piece I wrote based off of this blog post and while I did a great job with this one, they wanted me to expand. I should’ve expanded and talked here more about what ATPC is. While I’m not going to full out blog here about it, but I wanted to share my longer piece entitled: “ATPC Hit with Ransomware, Does Not Pay” with you. It shows I have no biography, but I do. I know they’re making some changes, and I want people to know I’m still going to blog here. I also know I’ve not done a lot of reading as of late, and there’s a lot I need to read. I’m hoping Vocal will take off, and allow me to branch out in to other categories, and eventually, get paid.

It isn’t going to be a fast process, nor is it going to be easy, but I’m up for the challenge. I’m still going to blog here, and if I find something good, I’ll be sure to blog about it. The thing about this site and Vocal, is Vocal needs to be your own content. You can link to others, however, they want it to really be your own. I hope you’ll enjoy the article I published over there, and I’ll publish links to those articles once they get approved, if they are tech related for everyone who may not be familiar with them, to see what else I’m writing. Hope everyone is enjoying their stay here, and please feel free to check out check out Vocal to see if it is a viable solution to what you’d like to do in reaching a wider audience.

Make it a great day! See you all soon.

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Trying a new site for publishing to a wider audience was released on April 25, 2017 at 3:38 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: April 25, 2017.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 26 April 2017 alle 17:14 (),

    I will still blog here. I’m not going anywhere, and I will continue to podcast. Right now, I’m going through a rough time and I’ll leave it at that. Vocal can be used to blog about anything, and you do have a dashboard with a counter. I agree about the images aspect, but they do only have the restriction of the word limit. I didn’t find that out until much later. Nothing is changing, in fact, I’m expanding. If I get paid, great. If I don’t but people are reading it, then great. I’m only doing it for another site that i wamt to expand upon, this won’t change tech much. In fact, I’ll probably be posting some stuff and thoughts on tech like i did with the ransomware article. Just something else to try. Signing up is free, and you can contact them once they have your account up and they’ll work with you. I’ll try to work on a podcast this week, I’ve got some stuff I could talk about. I’ve just had a lot going on. I may kill one of my other podcasts though, but this one won’t be discontinued one bit.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 26 April 2017 alle 14:40 (),

    Wow jared, its good you are trying out new things.
    For me though, I don’t know.
    Wordpress has no restrictions.
    I don’t expect nore want payment for my totally honestly crappy dribble I post.
    I post to keep friends up to date.
    I don’t post to get payed anything I do it because its something I do.
    You don’t get restrictions or told what to do on wordpress.
    You don’t get told to expand or put whatever in, you are free.
    If you want to put whatever pluginwize up you can.
    If you want to put a lot of ransomware/malware/ add plugins up there you won’t last long but you can do it.
    You don’t have to advertise, wordpress can be a basic blog and thats fine for me.
    I don’t really tweat or anything.
    If you think viewers will like your stuff and pay you for it then thats fine I guess if you are into that sort of thing I am not exactly but still.
    What concerns me is that having an online audience itself is suspect.
    Companies can harvest your data for advertising, thats legal, and expected I guess.
    However if there is a negetive side to this then companies can buy your data and use bits of it for various things.
    You can buy twitter accounts, and have glowing reviews for your stuff.
    Most of them are fake, etc, etc, etc.
    When A site says it has an audience I do wander where they get them from.
    I don’t know if others read my wordpress but I don’t care as much I am sure a few do though because they tell me so every so often.
    However I have been on some sites/ places that comments and reviews well you just don’t know.
    With all the talk about well comments and such being able to be faked, I do wander what you are getting into.
    I don’t use it in all its glory.
    But I do use wordpress for what it is, a basic no frills blog.
    When I set it up back in the day it was easier than it is now.
    When I put my blog for sonnar interactive news, the site did everything it could to get me to pay including trying to get me to pay for the signup and extra themes, etc.
    I had to jump through several hoops to get the basic blog.
    But I got it.
    With wordpress bar wordpress and maybe a few google services, no one is snooping on you, you know you can trust what you read and the system is fast.
    I have not tried to build my own site or content but the system is fine ofcause I am only a basic user.
    But being told to expand things when you have said all you want well.
    Or worse extra images, some audiogames in apple store had to use apple everything not other software, or put images in to make it appeal to the sighted.
    It would be like a site saying I needed to run norton, use something with ransomware in it, share my credit card and identity and other things, renew access to my files every day with one of their subscription only keys and allow all adds to go in and all my other devices to be used as a botnet.
    I had that back in 1995-2003 with norton’s approach to computer stuff.
    Yes it could be done, as long as you didn’t have an issue and needed to uninstall a part of it, it won’t work if you put it in, so you need to reinstall the os.
    You can’t customise it without it nagging you to turn x feature back on unless you made it not run at all.
    The system slowed down a lot.
    Every morning you would have to login and update it and every so often more than most you would get something not passing muster.
    This wouldn’t be so bad, ie find what happened, allow or not allow it through, etc, etc, etc.
    However, 99.9% of the time, it was something you had allready set or something that was there for ages or something stupid like a file you needed with a double extention you knew was fine.
    Or a program or something.
    Even if you allowed it through cleared history of it, etc it may or may not save and even if it did you would be looking over your sholder.
    On the other side, and what happened most of the time, it may or may not have crashed, that in itself is fine, but there was always dammage.
    So an average checkup on the system instead of 5 minutes would take me 3 hours.
    30 minutes to fix the software and update it.
    Another 30 trying to get whatever was broken fixed.
    And then 3 hours trying to remove what was damaged and replace it with fresh coppies.
    I tried with other security systems for ages before adopting a low security approach.
    Now although my security is really crap, I suddenly have a lot of time I didn’t have before to do things.
    No longer do I worry about dammage, no more do I worry about issues with software being stupid.
    No longer do I bother about windows not starting because something stupid is going wrong in said software.
    What I am trying to say, I really don’t care to be locked into anything from a contract with my isp with termination to what I eat for breakfast.
    I need the freedom to fail or succeed on my own terms.
    I wish you luck in this.
    I guess the podcast is going to die to then.
    I will continue posting on here I guess for now to.
    But if you are going away completely and leaving thin then I guess I will continue to post on the blog here or my blog etc.
    On this vocal can you have a page like this where all your stuff is listed like this blog is.
    If you find it better and there is no real restriction I may even move with you.

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