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Technology podcast 277 is now available! from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Technology podcast 277 is now available!

Hi all,

The technology podcast, podcast 277 is now up. I know I’ve neglected this blog for quite awhile, and I hope to get right back in to it really soon. Today, I finished up the work on the podcast, and our RSS feed is having a copy of it as well as the mixcloud. Please find below the podcast’s show notes where links may be given.

Welcome to podcast 277 of the technology podcast series with Jared Rimer. Is diction a security risk, especially when it comes to habits as dictating medical and other history that you may text to someone that you feel isn’t a problem? A podcast I heard dealing with the disabled braught this up, and I thought about it. Its quite interesting, and the security experts call this a trade off. Next, we have a 6 part series dealing with cyberland, and its many adventures. F-secure posted this in their youtube channel, and I thought it should be shared. Next, T-Mobile Employee Made Unauthorized ‘SIM Swap’ to Steal Instagram Account is discussed. I’ve also put similar thoughts out on the phone lines. Finally, our contact information. I hope you’ll enjoy the program as much as I have, and I’ll be back soon with another one.

Thanks so much for listening!

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Technology podcast 277 is now available! was released on May 21, 2018 at 1:00 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: May 21, 2018.

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