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my coments on 2 factor authentication

Well ran through the casts from last week and looked at things.
I usually don’t comment on stuff but 2 step authentication is nice and it isn’t.
I for example use it on an iphone, thats nice, you get a code on your phone for service, its fine if you have the device in front of you.
The government and other sites I use this have it.
I don’t use it on twitter though, and not on gmail.
Right now, if I do that unless all I do is view mail within chrome, every program using a google service will need an access password called an apps password.
Thats fine but it means more and more passwords to more and more things I struggle to remember the passwords I do use, in fact a lot of the free sites have the same or similar password, my shopping sites have passwords but since I use paypal thats 2 more passwords to enter in.
Google also has a feature which disables anything thats not secured.
In itself its fine, however what I don’t care about is that the only apps that google allows when this is set to on are google apps made by google.
So in short, if I am secured I have no choice, or independance if say I want to use thunderbird so I don’t do it on gmail.
Some sites allow different methods, ie email or other methods for handle the 2 step, if your phone is not in range some don’t.
2 factor itself is a darn good idea, the way its implimented can sometimes leave you wandering.
For example if I turned on all the so called security settings for google I would be stuck to google apps which is probably why they are making every app you use which is not google have a password.
If I need to signin to x site all the time, I don’t necessarily want to have to put in a code and access it.
Yes you can set something to trusted but its means another cookie and I don’t care about tracking we get enough of this as it is.
We still have a good way to go for it, for some things we allready have this sorted but for others well I don’t know.

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  1. Comment by tech date 26 July 2018 alle 12:20 (),

    Hi Shaun,
    Hi Shaun,
    I tried to post something in regards to this post, but I guess it didn’t take. I think we no matter who we are, should have two factor turned on, even if it isn’t the best out there. I do have lastpass authenticator, I do have SMS in some places, and in others, I don’t have it because either I can’t, or I’m not sure how it works. I think the site for two factor, which has a list, is a good start to check out, but I don’t remember its link off hand so I’m not linking it here. I don’t think my credit card has two factor, but I’ll have to check. We’ll push on, and hopefully we’ll have a better understanding on how to be as secure as possible.

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