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ePodcasts 290 and 291 podcast show notes

Hello everyone,

I’m truly sorry for not posting the post show notes like I usually do. Podcasts 290 and 291 are up on the RSS feed for your convnience.

Here are the show notes for podcast 290.

Hello everyone, welcome to podcast 290 of the technology podcast series. IOS 12 with screen time, notifications, comments on the beta cycle process, and SIRI and shortcuts are discussed as part of the first 4 segments. Finally, are systems like Net By Phone and Internet Speech’s Net Echo viable in today’s internet? In the final segment, I talk about the net past, and the net today. I also talk about something still ongoing with one company’s response to questions and concerns. Contact information is available on both sides of the podcast. I hope you enjoy the program and thanks for listening!
direct download (68.2mb

Podcast 291:

On this podcast, we welcome a new podcast provider, welcome aboard! I briefly describe what the podcast is. Then, we start the program talking about facebook’s bug. After that, two files dealing with braille transcription, chips with implants, or do I have it backwards, microsoft’s big time error for windows update, and vorail making a change. When we have more info on vorail’s change, we’ll post it on the blog and make sure the podcast is updated. Thanks for listening and make it a great day!

direct download 75mb

I’ll try much harder to get the files up more on a regular basis for show notes. Enjoy!

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