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Security Now, podcast 696

SN 696: Here Comes 2019!
Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 7:05 PM

Security Now (Audio)

list of 8 items
• The NSA announces the forthcoming release of an internal powerful reverse-engineering tool for examining and understanding other people’s code.
• Emergency out-of-cycle patches from both Adobe and Microsoft.
• PewDiePie hacker strikes again.
• Prolific 0-day dropper SandboxEscaper ruffles some feathers.
• A new effort by the US government to educate industry about the risks of Cyber attacks.
• Welcome news on the ransomware front.
• VERY welcome news of a new Windows 10 feature.
• A note about a just-published side-channel attack on OS page caches.
list end

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Steve Gibson
Leo Laporte

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• LastPass.com/twit
• securitynow.cachefly.com
• FreshBooks.com/securitynow
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