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Is technology changing too fast

Hi all,

Well, there is a discussion on one of the distribution lists on Live Wire about technology. Thats all well and good until you include those people who for one reason or another are not able, or not capable for any reason, to use the technology of today.

I’m not saying that they are completely out of society, however, they must be able to keep up at some level. Within the next 10-20 years, technology will change in such a way where things older people grew up with will definitely be harder to find.

Let me give you an example. Someone went looking for a radio for me so I can take it with me to enjoy the ball game(s) that I may be attending. This radio is a battery operated radio, and it does work. It was definitely hard to find this radio.

I was very happy to hear that cassettes and CD Players and the players for cassettes still being able to be baught. The people who need them are those who can’t use digital equipment because they’re afraid of change, or they have issues learning or other types of issues with learning the new technology. I definitely feel for them, and I’m saddened that we’re moving toward such a point in our lives.

While I’m technologically sound, I feel that there are plenty of people who are not, for whatever their reasons. Tech is not going to slow down for thenm. They need to learn at their own pace, or find themselves behind.

Do you have thoughts? What are they?

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Is technology changing too fast was released on April 30, 2019 at 11:00 pm by tech in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: April 30, 2019.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 1 May 2019 alle 19:09 (),

    These comments are very thoughtful, Shaun. I know for me, I only upgraded when I needed to, I.E. something died, something fried, etc. never just because. I’m on a Windows 10 PC, and I’ll stay there until it up and dies. I enjoyed your thoughtful reply.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 1 May 2019 alle 14:54 (),

    To be honest, I think it is moving at quite a leap.
    Is it going to fast, yes.
    Its good to inovate, but expectations are also moving.
    Its hard to keep up with securing it because of its speed of movement.
    But in this broader case security is actually the least of our concerns.
    I know this blog runs on security issues but this broader question does bring up a few more things.
    1. society and opinions in general.
    Everyone assumes in this work for cash environment till recently in some cases, that a job was in an office, and that people that didn’t had to be poor, or some sort of criminal.
    I have fallen into that trap without realising it.
    Its interesting to note that tradesmen with lower qualifications actually can earn more than office workers yet we percieve them to be inferior because we work in an office and society expects this.
    Yet without farmers, labourers, and cleaners we couldn’t sit in our offices.
    The same is with tech.
    Everyone assumes that you will be left behind.
    The question should be asked, behind who?
    Who am I left behind.
    Is the grass greener, or do I need the next level up.
    Not everyone can afford the next level and not everyone needs it.
    I am fortunately living in a house, with a loving middle class, white family who have the cash to buy me the next best thing.
    I don’t waste it though only buying the next thing when I need it.
    I still use an old phone, and I only get the next best thing when it breaks or its a something I should be getting which is faster.
    My phone is still an old nokia and to be honest, while I may eventually upgrade because of work commitments I am not pushing it at least till 3g dies.
    Even then, with all the controversy I am no longer seeking apple as my main device, but as a secondary, and maybe an android device which will allow me extra storage and other options.
    I don’t miss twittering all day in fact that will bring me to the next question of danger.
    However back to the is it needed.
    The next question in this topic is the concept or notion that you end up in a deep hole and you have to move with the world.
    To be honest, I feel its both.
    You need to move with the world but the world needs to want you to move first or give you a reason to move.
    When I was in school, back in the 1990s, the push especially in intermediate and secondary school, that you would get out, get a degree, and get a job.
    There was no other choice available, it was pushed forcefully down our throats and into our stomachs.
    Only after my independance, and lifeskills course did I find that it was all a big fucking!! stinking! lie!!!!
    Basically I found out, that the hard way.
    You are force fed so much shit you expect that there is a job.
    There isn’t, there never was, and in more than liklyhood you never had a chance in the first place.
    Some have got lucky, but you have to be in the right place at the right time and have the right thing happen to you.
    As a blind person, leaving university and all the support and even during it my so called american dream started to fray at the edges, but it took at least 10 years before it completely shredded.
    It started with equipment not coming on time then equipment which gave me so much trouble I had to spend ages trying to make it work daily, to me replacing that equipment without help from the agency involved.
    After that I pushed through only to find that the department assigned to get me to work, would only last so long before my case workers burned out like old filiment lightbulbs.
    Every time this happened, the chance of me getting my information transfered over was about as much as I would win the lotto.
    That is almost never.
    It kept circling about till I finnished my cv which I now of course don’t really use.
    I have got on job sites and nothing has appeared.
    Then the other blindness group I was in suddenly decided to adopt a procedural type of advisery role and got rid of what I feel is all their creative staff.
    I was told a procedure to follow which turned up nothing much and I left both soon after.
    Actually it was more serious than that, after 6 years of continuous spin, I decided that it was suicide or fuck off!
    I obviously chose to leave and not look back.
    And thats the end of me trying to even attempt to get on the world train.
    I havn’t touched a fucking office document in 15 years and I can’t say I really miss it.
    True there are a few reports I do, as a freeline lab rat and tester, most of it is via email or the web.
    I have jarte to read the occasional word document but to be honest I don’t use office.
    Thunderbird and waterfox are my most important program as well as winamp, dropbox, bt sync and 7zip.
    I don’t work.
    That does lead into an interesting relationship I have with the government.
    Because technically I am looking for work to keep benifits up, but there is actually nothing I can do right now about even getting close to what society says a job is.
    And at any rate I Don’t know modern office skills, so maybe I shouldn’t bother now anyway.
    I have an autistic friend, same situation, he has a social club and can see, but like me the world left him a long fucking time ago.
    He did find work but was fired or let go at the end of his contract he assumes because he was never told.
    I only experienced this once, in a secured environment where there were holes but not enough brains.
    I was accused of hacking by someone without a brain and fired because of that or made an excuse and got rid off like yesterday’s crap.
    I guess if I was another race and not white, that would be a semi reason to fall back on but thats still not right and even more so because I am actually europian but maybe it was for the best.
    Jobs are contracts and small things, I have always wanted serious work at some point.
    And of course I would be helped to move then I am sure of it.
    The latest isn’t the best I mean look at windows 10 1809 october update.
    bugs exist in software, and when thats our livelyhoods its quite bad when things go wrong.

    1. dangers of tech.
      I should just like to remind you the reader that security is not a problem at least in this broader context of this topic.
      I am talking about the dangers of tech.
      The biggest one to mind are screens, we use far to many of them.
      You know my comments in previous posts about people using devices in a responsable manner.
      And who should or shouldn’t have them.
      How adults and children alike are using them to much.
      Well adults use their device and don’t socialise, and children are dammaging their eyes because they need their screens all day long and hold them up to their faces and its a big problem.
      Then people using their devices to cheat and all sorts of things.
      And when it fails its the end.

    2. need.
      Do we need the latest, I know people that still use xp and thats all they can afford.
      Every time I have upgraded, I have a secondary reason.
      Dos was single task and the system was failing.
      Windows 95-98 was fine but xp had better support.
      Win7, well my keyboard broke.
      Windows 10, I needed more hard drive space and my processing needs were higher.
      The primary is security but no user can get the latest because of that its quite hard to justify getting the most secured software if thats all you need to upgrade it for.
      I do it where I can but its really hard to do.
      My dad has just retired as of a couple years ago, and won’t need to get the latest ever to never no matter how secure it may or may not bee.
      He doesn’t need it, yet we justify getting it all the same.
      When I switched from dos to windows 9x, I needed it, when it was xp I was in school and I needed to.
      Even though I had to upgrade a lot of stuff and when I went to 7, I needed the upgrade.
      In this last upgrade of windows10, I didn’t need to really upgrade at all.
      I was sucked in by a combination of security, including but not limited to the intel debacle, and the end of life of windows 7.
      The cheap price of the small entertainment workstation helped especially since at the moment there are not to many usb c devices and everything is going usb c unless I got a single drive unit.
      I also didn’t want to hang round with a 256gb or lower ssd only as I still like traditional storage of some sort and the 1tb ssds were not on the market and even now they are they cost far to much.
      The fact the price of the new system was cheap for a workstation about 1300-1100 on sale with 44 bucks for an external dvd drive meaning I no longer needed to worry about dvd drives which in turn would put me in good stead for the next update.
      Even though it is lighter, and thinner that wasn’t my goal of getting the latest and I have seen gamer units which are almost luggables.
      This unit has its issues they all do, but its amd, which means its easier to maintain and its quieter than what I had.
      I have also got nightlight and brightness controls I can easily get to and since my eyes have started to fail more and more a screen or the light from that screen isn’t something I want or need.
      Happily I havn’t got rsi but I have a brother with it and its not that good at all.
      At one point I was adicted to the games round me, but with help from my pre net family I was able to get out.
      Of course all the prenetters go on about the dangers off tech.
      But if you are born to a screen or to the matrix, you are allready screwed, its not youre fault you are fuel for the machines, you are born into machines by machines, with machines.
      Babys use machines, kids use machines.
      The world is a machine.
      We don’t need the matrix or startrek to tell us our end.
      somedays I enjoy the fact I can live in a safe life, happy and safe from the dangers of the world.
      Most of the time I have grown to loathe it I can’t wait to go to the next world, life doesn’t exactly suck, but its certainly not my expected path or even a path I want to choose.
      At least for half the year.
      In the summer, its different, everyone works, most family in my immediate range are retired now and or work part time.
      I excercise, walk, and have fun.
      There will come a time where like all disabled I will end up in some sort of eventual institution of course thats pritty much my end but while I have a family, I can at least live a normal life in a fat fucking hole in the ground.
      So if people tell you you are left behind, you should ask them, who’s watching? and who actually gives a damn if you move or not.
      The only person that cares is you and no one else.
      Saying that, if you have to change, then change, but don’t do what my rich cousin does and buy the latest unit because it is.
      I have a retired friend that brought the latest unit and was basically scammed out of 3000 bucks.
      After looking at the system she payed for the ssd mainly it was a large chunk of it.
      Latest stuff is more prone to bugs, you are better to buy something from a good brand which is not end of life but somewhere in the middle and if its the latest look till you are sure.
      In school and university you won’t have much choice till you have the power to do so, but once you do, get what you need and not what the world wants you to have.
      Of course I have gone against the trend and got this system with the latest processer and such its been about for a couple years but only made it into new zealand at the start of last year but its all good.

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