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A 2.274 update with lots of changes

Hi all,

I’ve been through some updates of Braille 2000 lately, and want to highlight some of the changes made.

  • There was a table fix which I’ve not experienced, where the table went over to a second page and didn’t work correctly.
  • Another beta tester requested knowing what was being read when read to end is envoked.
  • We’ve got in one version highlighting on by default, which caused double reading in JFW.
  • We compromised to have scrolling with no highlighting by default, so an options dialogue box was created as part of the speech settings. By default, Braille 2000 will scroll the screen as it reads, and the cursor will be where it is reading at the top of each paragraph.
  • I had some confusion over changing the setting to braille view and it telling me the change. It does this when info messages are on. It works as described. You can also intarigate the document data option to get the information an as needed basis. This may cause double reading in Jaws and NVDA, I’m not sure why.
  • There is an option to get document information such as the file name, path of the file, and the page size. The page size deals with how many cells per line, and how many lines the page is.
  • We’ve also fine tuned the reading where the document reading process tells you you’ve reached the end, as well as telling you in a blank document that the document is empty.

    The issues where reading line, paragraph, field, etc. all report if there is content, or not.

    The next project for Braille 2000 as a whole is to work on full math support. Bob indicates that this needs an overhall, and honestly, its not accessible to the blind as of yet. There is a full panel of stuff that the sighted transcriber can utalize to get proper braille. While I’ve typed up assignment 14, aspects of the course material needed to be in sim braille. Sim braille, (otherwise known as simulated braille) is basically braille dots on the page, but yet, we enter this data using ascii characters such as a for 1 when followed by the number sign or the number character in print. Braille 2000 properly lets us know the dot patterns of the simulated braille during reading of lines, paragraphs, or read to end. This has been working now for a few versions of the 2.274 beta cycle.

    If you have any comments, or find a bug during the beta process contact Braille 2000 so they may investigate. We look forward to getting the next release out to the public very soon. I think we’re getting very close. Math is the biggest thing now, and hopefully it’ll develop in to something very useful very soon.

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    A 2.274 update with lots of changes was released on June 14, 2019 at 11:31 am by tech in Braille 2000.
    Last modified: June 14, 2019.

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