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Tech podcast 319 is now out

Hello folks,

Tech podcast 319 is now out. We’ve got quite a bit of news, notes, a braille transcription update, and some commentary in regards to a Security Now episode dealing with sharing files and services out there. RSS is here or you can listen to the show on Live Wire on my box: 2276. I hope to have another podcast out very soon. Thanks for listening!

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Tech podcast 319 is now out was released on August 18, 2019 at 5:32 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: August 18, 2019.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 20 August 2019 alle 12:41 (),

    Hi jared and all.
    I do have a few comments on this and a few other articles.
    Firstly, for anyone that has not read the catch me if you can book, or watched the movie, both are good reads and viewing and the soundtrack for the movie itself is fantastic.
    I have watched the movie at least twice in the theatres and on dvd and I own a copy of the sound track and so does my brother.
    I have read the book narated by frank himself in the local library and I liked his first person style.
    I won’t comment on a lot of things but yeah the cloud storage.
    I like dropbox for what it is.
    Granted I only use it for a few things, and if you just want a place to store files up to 2tb thats probably fine.
    My big issue with google drive is not drive itself but rather the windows backup and sync app which has some inaccessible menus and is prone to crashing.
    Dropbox has had issues like this to but since I don’t really need to directly access the settings all the time its not a problem.
    If I did however end up with something like 2tb or more storage space on dropbox/google drive, I am thinking of buying something like expanddrive which is supposed to view each cloud storage like any regular drive. and that itself should b interesting.
    Over that, my big gripe is prepriatry storage systems like icloud.
    Dropbox and google are universal systems, yes google can be used to backup to android devices but it has maps, mail, and a lot of stuff which while yes you are selling your privacy to a giant, its not like you are paying actual cash and for the sheer number of services I am getting for my privacy loss, the fact I can control adds and get some tracking does not bother me.
    Whenever people complain about this I turn round and ask and how much would you be paying for these free services.
    Back in the day I payed 5 bucks a month for just email alone.
    5 bucks for 10mb at that.
    For our privacy, you get 15gb for nothing for all google services, unlimited high quality photo storage, free maps, and translations to a certain degree, and a few other things.
    Its worth the cost.
    Of course for those that missed the brief boat on dialup, they are missing a great deal with this privacy vs money debait, I know that 30 bucks for unlimited access would get me 10-100mb of mail storage, no ssl, and such.
    Then with data being 5.3-7.3kbps depending if you were on dialup or business isdn cable which was a little faster, things would take ages.
    As I said though both google and dropbox are universal storage solutions.
    Another one which could be universal is microsoft.
    The issue with microsoft is that while yes right now they handle windows smartphones they are really only able to handle settings for windows pcs.
    I know you can load them on linux/macs/ios and the droid but on those platforms they just sync up to 1tb of files and thats it.
    Back in the day before they outsourced things, music, messenging, photos, and a bunch of other things were in microsoft’s playground.
    But I have lost almost all respect with their online platforms in reguards to this with music going to spotify.
    Since I will never login to windows trusting that my net will be up so the pc starts or there is not a server preventing my system starting and resorting to a reformat because I can’t even login to my computer, bar the apps I use and that vary few, the only thing microsoft storage is good for is microsoft office 365.
    Now don’t get me wrong, for 65-100 bucks you can run personal or home pack, and for twice that 200 bucks you can run business, 5 users on the pack with 1tb storage each, 100-200 free skype call minutes and a load of other services and if you are in a business thats really cool.
    If you are a home user using office its cool.
    But if you don’t like me, a little blind guy that has almost no future in the mainstream world except that it does not involve office itself, thats a problem.
    Its then a glorified dropbox and unless you are an enterprise user or something, you can’t get the bigger storage spaces but at least, its everywhere and well you can use it to a point.
    Now, while I can accept this, the last bot not least is icloud.
    For all those that wish to not hear a rant, please skip down the list because I am about to open a can of whoopass on this one.
    So icloud is apple.
    Apple icloud is nice, good storage options, for apple!, nice prices for apple! best for apple!
    But what if you want to fucking leave apple.
    You basically fucking can’t!!!
    With its own music format on itunes you will have to convert everything to mp3 and while yes maybe your m4a audio can transfer over the cloud is a different story.
    You can transfer contacts down, and if you have a backup of these its ok.
    You should have backups of your photos but you can get them 1 at a time if you wish.
    Your whatsapps are stuck there and so are a few things else.
    You maybe able to get your calendars and email to but still.
    Now if you pay the cost of something to get in and do it, you maybe able to do it.
    But 100 bucks us just to fucking leave, and I’d rather not fucking start!
    My dad just left the ios system for a samsung, and granted the system was able to transfer most stuff over.
    He was able to transfer with samsung software straight to google drive and the photos system but not everything is like this and you hear horror stories.
    To be honest, knowing what I do now, while icloud will be used for backups, I am unsure if I would use it for anything else.
    All these non universal storages, icloud, samsung, asus, etc are fine till you leave.
    I am unsure about amazon storage but its probably as universal as google but not sure.
    Point is, unless you know you will stay with a particular manufacturer till you bite the dust its probably a good idea to use drives for backups and universal cloud storage.
    If not have a copy of things that are in a universal format like text or if you use office excell or word.
    If in doubt and you want a format the ritch text rtf format can be opened in wordpad, and jarte which I use can open most of these formats within reason.
    If all else fails the office converter pack can convert your docx files to standard doc format for opening in office apps or others.
    If you use an opensource office then chances are you probably use otf or something and thats being accepted even in ms office now so there is no excuse.
    This was what got me with ms, for example music is unencripted mp3.
    The same I think exists on android but not apple.
    Now its all subscription and I don’t know if I’d pay the cash to subscribe to apple when spotify is only 12 bucks a month, and just like netflicks it may come free with your bundled net and power and who knows what else.
    Thats just a few things to think about.

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