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A JP Morgan Chase update, suspect Faces sentencing

Hello folks,

Its been awhile since I’ve seen anything on this. JP Morgan Hacker Pleads Guilty is an updated story. We’ve not talked about this since podcast 226 blog post for show notes and you can ask for this podcast to be sent to you if you wish. The podcast in question talks about other stuff, but it also has a link to an article that was posted back then. The other blog post just posted recently links to two other stories but the one you want talks about this case from Cyber Scoop. The article from Dark Reading is quite interesting, and goes in to some detail that make not be made available elsewhere. I’m glad I found this one, I don’t mind finding other content on the same topic. I knew its been awhile, and I’ll be sure to mention it on a future podcast to be made very soon. What are your thoughts?

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Microsoft ships patches, out of band update

I’m seeing the following tweet on twitter.

Ryan Naraine, Microsoft ships patches outside of Patch Tuesday window (critical vulnerabilities – Scripting Engine and Windows Defender) . Quoted tweet from @msftsecresponse: Out of band security vulnerability fixes CVE-2019-1367 and CVE-2019-1255 have been released today. For more information please see https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-US/security-guidance/advisory/CVE-2019-1367 and https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-US/security-guidance/advisory/CVE-2019-1255 . 15 minutes ago, Twitter Web App

The link CVE-2019-1367 | Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability looks to be very serious, and is linked within that tweet as well.

My question is: has scripting gotten this bad where people can use it to do harm I’ve not read the second link CVE-2019-1255 | Microsoft Defender Denial of Service Vulnerability yet, but this definitely is going to have to get interesting if two serious patches are out on the same day. Guess we’ll see what happens. Windows Defender is now installed in every windows system yet it can’t defend against this one.

I’ve never been a big fan of windows defender, because it seems to me that it doesn’t do much from my scanning of files. With this vulnerability, it can’t be a good day for Microsoft. Thoughts?

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Gift cards as part of the Phishing bate? APWG says yes

According to APWG: Phishing Continues to Rise, Threat Actors Love Gift Cards it says that phishers really love gift cards. I can relate to several people contacting me through twitter and or Hangouts asking for money, giftcards, bank accounts, and the like. This is probably going to be the norm now, and its frightening when you know that there are always going to be people getting on the Internet for the first time.

The question is, how are we going to end up teaching people about this evolving threat and tell them that this isn’t normal? Its going to get very interesting. Your thoughts are welcome.

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How did you hear about the Equifax breach?

Hoow did you hear the Equifax breach? Did you hear about it in the news? Did you hear about it from this podcast and blog? The article I wrote for Vocal maybe? While I don’t normally post presidential stuff here, or potential presidential stuff here, I saw this article and wanted to talk about it. Bernie Sanders wants to put credit reporting companies like Equifax out of business and I think its time something be done. I was neveer notified by Equifax about this mega breach we had, I found out from Krebs On Security and then wrote about it on my blog and Vocal. Here is the link to my articles page so you can seek it out on your own time.

I really found this article of interest, because of the fact that you learn in it how much money is made with companies like this just to collect information without your concent. This is absolutely legal? I guess we’ll see what will really happen as the years move on.

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The book Scam Me If You Can

I just finished reading the book Scam Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale. Here is the Amazon Link to this book so you may buy it via Kindle or paper if you wish. Its available on Bookshare, and thats where I got a copy of it.

The reason I want to write about this book here is in regards to the very last chapter. I can relate a little bit to several different stories, even going back to Podcast 289 (56mb) where Jennifer was used to talk about one such scammer.

Since then, there have been several others. Each one wanted me to send them itunes gift cards, and even one when I told them I couldn’t see pictures, never said another word. The Thing with Julia and her behavior was the insistancy of me buying gift cards so she can comne to see me. I could get what I wanted, if only I sent the gift card.

Another one that I believe was trying to Scam Me was Boivon Donald. This person, claimed that they were in the millitary, and then indicated they needed to have me open a bank account. While I don’t have the conversation any longer, and its not the point of this article to rehash the conversations, I was very skeptical when I was asked to provide a bank account, send an itunes gift card, or have anything to do with sending money when i haven’t even talked to them by phone.

Everyone refused to call me by phone, even one named Brenda Rogers who stopped communicating with me when I said that this was a text relationship. She started calling me honey and baby and indicating that I knew what to do to start a call. All of these people refused to place a call when I asked to talk to them by voice. Even the one who sent me pictures quit talking to me when I said I couldn’t see pictures. One even asked what I wanted in life, and I haven’t sent them another message.

While I want a relationship, if you don’t want to call me and talk to me so I can hear your voice, than you’re not worth my time. Twitter, Facebook, and other social Media even Hangouts is used for these types of scams. In the last chapter, we learn about the typical types of scams. I just had to say out loud, “uh-huh” as the chapter read to me out loud through my app that is connected to bookshare. If you’ve not listened to podcast 289, you will want to listen to it now. The scams aren’t going away, and I want people to learn about what types of things are going on now a days.

“This is just going to get worse,” says Abagnale. He’s 70 years old, turned his life around, and his story needs to be told.

Here is a link to Frank W. Abagnale from Amazon. This link till take you to all of his 4 books. I suggest you read them. It doesn’t matter the order, they’re all good. If we can teach what types of things are out there and how we can protect ourselves, we can be even better educated not to get caught.

Have you read these books? If you have, what did you think?

Besides the last chapter which really interested me as of late, Frank Covers more than just romance. He covers everything you can find in regards to scams. Web sites are also given where appropriate. Please read this book, and the others in the series. I enjoyed it.

Other reading:

Here’s something to ponder: a con man turned cybersecurity pro has tips August 18, 2019

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Scott Schober writes new book, will be out October 1

You can preorder a new book by Scott and Craig Schober
called “Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business: Solve the Security Puzzle for Your Small Business and Home Paperback – October 1, 2019” which looks to be a good one. Its on Amazon preorder right now, and I’m sure that bookshare may have it soon after release. The print version is running for approximately $30 while Kindle can be had for $10 right now. Here is the Amazon link to this book, and I hope we can all read it and learn something.

Did you read the book Hacked Again by Scott? I believe that this picks up where the other left off.

About the book

Since publication of his first book, Hacked Again, Scott Schober has dedicated himself to educating anyone who would listen by telling his own story of
being hacked in the hope that others can learn from his own mistakes. Now joined by his brother Craig, the two have set their sights on the biggest target
of all, small businesses.

There are 30 million small businesses currently operating in the United States. Some of them are single owner/operated while others collectively employ
hundreds of millions. This book is for all of them and anyone who makes it their business to stay safe from phishing attacks, malware spying, ransomware,
identity theft, major breaches and hackers who would compromise their security. We are all in this together which is why cybersecurity is everybody’s business.

Scott and Craig Schober examine a multitude of cybersecurity issues affecting all of us including:

list of 11 items
• Cyber Insurance
• Internet of Things
• State Sponsored Hacking and Spying
• Card Skimmers & Identity Theft
• Social Engineering
• Ransomware
• Phishing Attacks
• Vital Password Creation
• Robocalls
• Cryptocurrency
• Virtual Private Networks
list end

Scott and Craig Schober delve into the details of the latest cyber breaches that made headlines and continue to affect your small business and all consumers
such as:

list of 6 items
• Ashley Madison Hack
• Yahoo Hack
• Marriott Hotel Hack
• Anthem Hack
• Equifax Hack
• Uber Hack
list end

Throughout Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business, Scott and Craig not only contextualize the impact of these cyberattacks on your small business and daily
lives, but also provide expert insight and a plan of attack for fending off future security breaches. Through tips and advice gained since his last book,
Scott offers hope in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

Lets see if we can get this book, and learn together!

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Comcast’s Giveaway Is Exactly What Steve Jobs Feared

Comcast here is Time Warner, but all of them are the same. i don’t have a TV, do not want a TV, and don’t even need streaming. I’m perfectly happy with a Computer, my phone, my music streaming including Tune In and Pandora, and I’ve even got premium for football and basketball. While I didn’t watch football today as of yet, I may engorge in a game later. I did catch a game yesterday, and have broadcasted and listened to other music. I’m perfectly content if my provider would send me a set top box I can’t use.

As I’ve read in other articles, if I were a Comcast customer, I wouldn’t have to return it, since they sent it to me anyway. Was it an article, or was in the book by Frank Abagnale that I read this. I forget at the momnent, but the point here, is that they could do it, and I don’t have to return it. Comcast’s Giveaway Is Exactly What Steve Jobs Feared is the article, and enjoy!

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Good cop, bad donut: An RCMP cop just got busted

In a very lengthy article and a reminder of a podcast no more, The RCMP has taken down one of their own in a very clever idea of running with a secure phone to hide the activity of what he was doing while not doing police work. The article entitled Report: Encrypted Smartphone Takedown Outed Canadian Mole and it talks deeply about this ordeal where people would use this network to hide their activities. There is no such thing as a secure network where everything is hidden, at least as we know it. Someone built it, and it was taken down. This article talks about how investigators were able to infiltrate the network, decrypt the data, and start taking the network apart and arresting people. Give this article a read, I found it very facinating.

Headings include: ongoing investigation, Potentially Exposed: Classified Information, Phantom Secure CEO’s Arrest Triggered Probe, Police Seized Phantom Secure, and Seized: BlackBox ‘Cryptophone’ Service. This is really worth the read, I was quite facinated about the investigation the RCMP took to take one of their own down.

If you do read this article, do let me know what you think. Lots of great content coming this way.

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Are your kids being safe on social media? A school district is teaching the dos and don’ts of social media

This is a very welcome story that I saw on Twitter thanks to the account EChatter. Parkway schools educate parents on social media engagement talks about how the school hosted a workshop on social media. This is a definite welcome sign. We need to teach about the dos and don’ts of social media. For example, I don’t share much location data. I don’t threaten anyone on social media. The scholl district is proposing anywhere from a 30 day suspension to a year, depending on the nature of the offense. I’m definitely wanting to share this article, in hopes that we can educate. Great job, keep up the great work!

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Are schools protected from threats? Article syas not so much

Are schools prone to cyberattack? According to the article Cybersecurity: One in five schools says students have broken into computer systems indicate not so much. Lots of statistical data in this article. I’m not sure in which country this article is based under, but I do remember the email and phone call from Valley College talking about their ransomware attack.

If this is any indication, we’re going to be in for more problems later on. I am sure that there has been coverage through the years on smaller schools being attacked by ransomware and other cybersecurity threats, and a search on ransomware or school cybersecurity threats can provide tons of coverage.

Of course, if only 430 schools were surveyed in this article outside the states, what about in the states itself? Should we be concerned about this? Thoughts?

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Ransomware not going away?

I was catching up on Ransomware coverage from the program Security Now. This show is hosted by Steve Gibson and the Twit Network. Steve’s got show notes in PDF as well as a transcript available on his Security Now page on GRC. I was very interested in the ransomware epidemic, because I’ve been following it as of late. This is going to get interesting, because everything I’ve read, and what I’ve also heard from this show indicate that Ransomware will not be going away. Everyone I’ve read and listened to indicate its going to stay for awhile.

As disabled people, this can really be a problem if our businesses or even personal computers get hit. I don’t know how the computer would work with our assistive technology applications if files start to get encrypted. I got to thinking about this when hearing this episode. Episode 730 of the podcast talks about the epidemic, and 731 talks about a ransomware author getting way too gredy and didn’t even get a dime. SN 730 and SN 731 are here for you to peruse and listen to.

SN 731 talks about fake things too, including how someone modified their voice to sound like the boss, and someone wired money as instructed by the boss in one story. What the landscape is having. This is going to get interesting, and Steve’s site has transcripts so you can read what he’s saying if it is too confusing to you, or you have a hard time.

What do you think will happen for the ransomware epidemic? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Tech podcast 323: Philmore, Ecuador getting owned, and Braille stuff

The RSS feed now has the audio of this podcast. Its dated the 19th, however, I am only getting a chance to put it up now.

Below, please find the show notes, which link to several blog posts as of late. Thanks so much for listening!

Welcome to podcast 323 of the technology blog and podcast series. On this podcast, we’ve got several segments for you.

  • What happens when you have a population of approximately 17 million, a company in Miami, and a potential breach? Ecuador had that happen to them, and there are no rules to keep people safe from cyber attacks or breaches. Blog Post
  • What do you see when you hear or see the words “heat stroke?” It isn’t anything to do with the sun, and this I saw while working on the prior podcast. blog post
  • Three items in one, dealing with the company Philmore Productions. Have they learned anything? Two messages and an accompanying blog post on the subject indicate probably not. I’ll be caucious and indicate that things better change, or it will more than likely be the end. We’ll have to see. Please read the blog post, as well as listen to two messages in his own words. Let me know what you think of this one.
  • In two segments, I cover the transcription course as well as talking about braille in general in regards to paper braille VS display braille.

I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have, and thanks for listening!

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Apple pushes up iOS 13.1 and iPadOS to September 24th

This is the title of an article someone sent me via twitter. This is a good thing if someone wants to push this exploit on screen lock. Hopefully its not being pushed to the wild this exploit. Here is the article at the Verge and thanks for reading!

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Have an apple watch? Watch OS is now out for you to get

Today, I’ve found an article via Apple Vis talking about Watch OS version 6. I do not have this product, therefore, I can’t comment on it. I can tell you that the changes are quite detailed in this post, and I’m providing it to people so they may see if the upgrade is worth it, and instructions are given to update it.

Headings include:

  • An App Store on your Wrist
  • New Health Apps
  • Some Siri Changes
  • A New Way to Keep Track of the Time
  • Other Changes
  • And What About Accessibility?
  • How to Update to watchOS 6

These headings are at level 3.

Apple Releases watchOS 6; Bringing New and Enhanced Apps, New Health Features, a Dedicated App Store, Siri Improvements, and Much More

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Philmore Admits … confirmation of what the network has said for months?

Hello folks,

It looks like Philmore Productions has finally admitted to what we’ve been saying for the past several months. We’ve already known that the data was shot, but in messages sent to this network indicated that the company has been running out of date software and hardware for at least 15 years. Here’s what we know.

  • Philmore Productions admits to data loss, including portions of the software and web services.
  • We’ve never covered the multiple dialogic cards through this process, whereby Philmore Productions has went through multiple different cards.
  • Philmore Productions did not honor their word when saying they would give refunds, and reffered later to standard business practice of only refunding upon request.
  • Multiple months of downtime, and admitting to a long standing bug which he admitted to actually liking.
  • Finally, Philmore Productions has admitted to running out of date software and hardware, which caused performance issues, (see item above) and how the system is running faster now.

What really bothers me besides the multiple months of downtime to his customers, is still the lack of transparency. In the next upcoming podcast, podcast listeners will hear two messages in his own words about how things went wrong, what he’s been running, and what he is running now. He admits that the system runs faster, and how Microsoft went in to his computer and turned off the dialogic system as part of fixing his computer. When turning that back on, he admits to turning something on which caused the system to pause during prompts such as log in, message counts, and the like. I personally remember reporting that bug within the first months of the system, and it was never fixed. He admits within the messages the podcasters will here that he actually enjoyed this “bug” in the system and he wishes that it was back that way..

The good news, is there is now Windows 2016, an upgraded SQL database, and a new dialogic card. It took the IT department and him another day after getting the card to get the system operating now.

I’m a little concerned about the SQL database. This database is run on servers for things like WordPress, and other CMS’s across the Internet. Philmore Productions must continue to keep this SQL software he’s running up to date, or miscreants will find a way in, and if he had data problems before, he’ll have more of them now. According to reports shared with this network, the system is running faster, but the network will not pay for a box to confirm this as the network here has left Philmore many years ago and has no plans to return at this time.

Philmore Productions must learn that he’s very lucky that a lot of customers have stayed, but many have confirmed to be gone now, including some of his longest customers since the beginning. I dialed a couple of boxes at random on the 18th, and both boxes I called have been cancelled.

We called the data loss issues from the very beginning during this whole ordeal. It was not practical to have us not call this, because when the system came back up, prompts were missing, and things ended up getting disconnected because the system didn’t know what to do. The web server being corrupted was inevitable, because it had gone between network computers and I’m positive now that Philmore does not do any type of backups. This was confirmed by Philmore Productions.

I can understand not doing backups many years ago, but ever since the breach reports starting with Target happened, Philmore Productions admitted to this network that he had taken new credit card info from his customers. This was the time to invest in a dedicated hard drive or two to back up the data. Cloud services were still in its infancy then, and that was the beginning.

The Jared Rimer network has never had a data loss of critical web sites and podcast material. We may have lost some data due to us deleting it because of space, or it not being in Dropbox or Google because it wasn’t considered that important and could be gotten again. The data Philmore Productions holds is very critical, and services are now out to give the company the space they need to back up this data. Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon backup, and many others are here to serve you. Its time Philmore get in to the 21st century and invest in some solution to survive. If they have not been hit too hard by the last couple of months, then lets do it.

Philmore Productions should’ve honored their word on automatic refunds as promised all these months ago. The Better Business Bureau would not like getting complaints now on how this was never done. We link to Philmore Productions listings on one of our other articles, and since I’m not a customer, I am powerless on doing anything because I could only talk about my experience. Iit wasn’t dealing with money and bad business practices.

Running out of date software is my next biggest problem for this company. Businesses who run software like SQL, and Windows must upgrade on a regular basis. While this may be a pain, I also understand that Philmore Productions also didn’t update Windows. This is the critical reason why the system crashed and burned. I can’t imagine running this network on an out of date, unpatched, vulnerable, and outdated software and hardware. This network always ran Windows Update, and taking the computer offline to do so is critical. When my software was out of date, it got updated. It fixes bugs and vulnerabilities that could be leveraged by miscreants without your knowledge. If Philmore Productions is to learn anything, they must update Windows, the software they’re using, and the backend hardware when necessary. Philmore Productions can’t continue to neglect the security of the system and more importantly, the data he so preciously must maintain for his customers.

Philmore Productions must learn to ask the appropriate questions. The company should’ve asked the venders what card to get for the new operating system, instead of blowing money on cards just for them not to work! This is what I would do, and I hope that the company will learn from this crucial costly mistake.

Is there anything I’ve missed? Please contact me, and sound off in the comments if you wish. I’m not going to be ashamed to publish this and let the comments flow where they may. The company must learn somehow, and I am not going to be held responsible for what happens next.

Other articles in this series

Some of the articles in this list are not able to be commented on but this article thats posted today is the most recent, and you can comment on anything you’d find of interest between all of these.

The Jared Rimer Network is now a third party. We get reports directly from customers and outsiders. The proceeding article is opinion and updates based on how I understand it, and nothing more. The comments in this post are those of the poster and not of the JRN, or its staff, clients, or management.

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Want to learn more about IOS 13 and accessibility?

I read this post last night from Apple Vis and it talks about the accessibility changes in IOS 13.

Yiou’ll want to check out podcasts 1258-1262 in their series to date that covers IOS 13.

Passing this along for those who would like to see it.

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First Public Beta of JAWS 2020 Posted with Improved OCR, Form Control Handling, More

For those who love to do beta software like I do, you might be interested in this. Lots of very interesting changes coming in the upcoming version I have never beta tested Jaws before, I did beta test Window-Eyes back in the day from the very beginning. If you’d like to read more, please go over to the blind bargains article entitled: First Public Beta of JAWS 2020 Posted with Improved OCR, Form Control Handling, More and read all the notations for yourself.

I hope you all find this of value, and do let me know what you think of these changes in Jaws. The comment boards await you. Thanks for reading!

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We just keep seeing great news coming across the desk

Today seems to be some good news day. Here’s what I spotted that might interest you:

I think that does it.Find sometuhing you want me to read? Want me to comment on something? Send it my way and I;’ll be sure to take a look. Thanks for reading!

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Have Braille Blaster? You’ve now got an update

I just decided to check out Braille Blaster, and I found the blind bargains post that covers details on a release. Lots of different things including an experimental graphics option for inserting images for certain embossers. I’m also sending this info to someone who uses the program.

While I’ve not used Braille Blaster, I think that people should be notified where possible of this and they can decide what they use, update, and the like.

Thoughts on using this software? Let me know how you enjoy or not enjoy it. Opinions are interesting.

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Live in Ecuador? You may be at risk and this isn’t good news

I just read the majority of this article entitled Security Firm: Data Breach Exposes Millions of Ecuadorians and I laughed with the news that Julian Assange was part of this breach. If I remember right, he’s part of leaking millions of documents of various kinds on a site called Wikileaks. I’m not linking to them, but I happened to find this interesting and I stopped reading after reading this. Wow, what else can we see? Most of ecuador is probably owned, as 17 million out of the population of approximately 20 million is breached and its every piece of info you could ever want.

Experts said Ecuador does not have mechanisms in place requiring companies to protect personal data.

Really? You don’t have safeguards to protect the personal information of your citizens? You aren’t even trying? I’ll be waiting for the rest of the three million people to be effected, then we’ll see if anyone sues the government for this. Oh boy.

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