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NCSAM: email delivery: check the sender of email

I may be a little bit behind, so excuse me. Today, I read a blog post as part of the NCSAM series that I think is appropriate. It talks about checking the senders email address as part of the verification process. This is especially true, as now a days, the sender can claim to be someone you know.

I have first hand experience with this. I know someone who will remain nameless for this blog post. I also have their email address. I got an email recently that had their full name. In the body, was a link.

When they originally sent links to me, they included a note such as “here you go” or something to indicate what I was getting as well as a subject line.

In the email preporting to be them, I forget what the subject line was if it had one, but the body had a link such as hxxp://aerifog.com (don’t go there) instead of something that i was expecting.

I think out of curiosity, I went to see what it was, as I felt it wasn’t melicious, but once I saw where I was headed, I backed out.

Today, I think its time to stop doing that. If I’m not expected to go somewhere based on an email I’m expecting, then I’m not going there. I’ve sometimes gotten curious, but I think it is becoming too much of a problem to do that now.

I’m not going to say that I won’t occasionally look, but I think eventually I’m going to get caught.

With shorteners like cutt.us you can add a character to see stats and see exactly where you’re going. I’ve done this when I’m curious and I know they’re available to check that.

Another thing this article mentions is to check the way the person writes.

  • Do they have a default signature?
  • Do they greet you by name?
  • If not by name, by company name?
  • Does the company send you promos and things like Amazon?
  • When you coorespond, does the company have a signature with phone number, address, hours of operation, or something that you spot in every communication?

These are some ideas I can think of and questions to ponder when you get email.

When I send email from my tech at menvi address, I have a signature, my name and technology blog and podcast is in the name, and if I send you something, I include a link directly to where you’re going. I also in the signature have a signature with my blog address and main web page.

If you communicate with me using other addresses, you’ll see various signatures except gmail where I just sign.

I suggest you take a look at this Phishlabs blog post entitled Beware of Account Takeover which may have other tips that I haven’t covered that may be of value to you as we learn how to stay safe in the ever changing landscape we call the Internet.

Please share what thoughts you might have when it comes to how you, the individual, or you as a company, tell customers how to stay safe when it comes to email delivery. Lets talk!

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NCSAM: email delivery: check the sender of email was released on October 15, 2019 at 2:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: October 15, 2019.

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