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Braille2000 2.274 update 2274 120-5-19 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Braille2000 2.274 update 2274 120-5-19

For Immediate Release:

Braille2000 LLC
web site

We’ve just released 2.274 which has support for a percent directive dealing with numeric page numbering I.E. 17-10 which is written #17#10 in braille according to the instruction manual. Also, it supports telling ctrl+qt options for verbal feedback of setting. the options such as line, paragraph, and the tell as sections.

Run the updater as follows:

  • Pannel, file management
  • Once there select software update
  • It will be dated 2.274 for 12/5/19.

    Please get in touch if you have questions or concerns!

Informazioni sull'articolo

Braille2000 2.274 update 2274 120-5-19 was released on December 5, 2019 at 3:20 pm by tech in Braille 2000.
Last modified: December 5, 2019.

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