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Technology podcast 332: Iphone 11, Awards, and Braille Transcription from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Technology podcast 332: Iphone 11, Awards, and Braille Transcription

Welcome to podcast 332, the final podcast of this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this years particular podcasts. We’ve got this on the RSS feed as well as on the telephone line.

I know I’ve neglected Mixcloud as of late, I really need to start posting there like i have been before. If you’re one of my mixcloud subscribers, tell me where I left off, and I’ll make sure to catch up if you only hear tech stuff.

Welcome to the final edition of the technology blog and podcast series for 2019. Trust me, we’ve got a lot more coming, but this is the final podcast of 2019.

  • My initial thoughts on my brand new, Iphone 11.
  • Brian Krebs gets an award. Several other members of the security field was also mentioned as needing the award more than Brian, but CISO MAG Honors KrebsOnSecurity is the article Penned by Krebs.
  • I have a segment on Braille transcribing as a whole in particular to Braille2000 and not specific to the assignment as a whole. I found this quite interesting, even while I did the talk.

In the first podcast of 2020, I’m going to talk about a company I feel we should’ve had around about 10 years ago if not sooner than now. Its an advertiser of TWIT, and boy, if it doesn’t fit my needs, I feel it may meet others. We’re going to start with that, and even more as we continue the transcription course, my Iphone 11, and who knows what else we’ll cover by this podcast as next year gets started and beyond. Until next year, thanks so much for listening to this podcast, and I’ll be seeing you very soon!

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Technology podcast 332: Iphone 11, Awards, and Braille Transcription was released on December 25, 2019 at 12:02 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: December 25, 2019.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 27 December 2019 alle 17:30 (),

    I upload mp3’s I have no control over that, its an anchor thing not mine. I upload the raw mp3 file or set of files, and it must make them m4a. If you need an mp3, we can arrange for that.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 27 December 2019 alle 00:11 (),

    Hi jared.
    Good cast as always.
    Just be ware that the file is in apple m4a format.
    I can play it, many phones can play it, computers can also play it, but some stuff may not be able to.
    Please make sure the file is in mp3 thanks.
    Yeah, iphone to iphone is generally good though you do have to put in some passwords.
    Iphone to android can be a bit hit and miss especially with whats app and a few other things.
    I have just been upgrading android devices and transfering backups, and it took me a little while to switch whats app backups because one of the whats apps was using an international number for something else so died.
    I also have had issues where all the ringtones coppied over but the notifications and alarms did not so I had to transfer files about.

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