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Technology podcast 333: the first of 2020

Hi all,

Happy new uyear frpom the team at the technology blog and podcast. The podcast is available on our RSS feed for your enjoyment.

If you’d like an mp3, please contact me and I can upload one through we transfer and I’d be happy to do that.

I did start at one point the option where I uploaded a copy, copied the link and put it in the blog post. I know Shaun said that the files should be mp3 and I upload the raw mp3 to Anchor, what they do, I have no idea and I’ll inquire.

In the meantime, I have several segments for you on this podcast which is over an hour long, and I hope you enjoy the program!

I hope to get this and other programming up on Mixcloud very soon.

Please find below, the show notes of today’s podcast, and I’ll be in touch with you on another podcast very soon!

Welcome to the first podcast of 2020, podcast 333. Below, please find a list of items and links where applicable as the topics of the podcast are listed below.

  • Breaches galore, the epidemic of whats happened in the last decade. Are we really looking for more trouble, or will it slow down?
  • Freshbooks: thank you so much for giving me a great reason for talking about you today. On this podcast, I talk about how I had to reinstall the Freshbooks app, and how easy it was to reauthenticate with my account. I was afraid that I was needing to grab my 20 character password and paste in the password field. Not anymore!
  • Twit.tv has a new sponsor on their list that spomnsors segments on Security Now. Sadly, I can’t take advantage of it at this time, but it looks like something we could’ve and should’ve had many years ago. Learn about privacy.com and see if it will meet your needs.
  • Michael in Indiana and I talked about software and reminisced about the old days of how downloading the wrong software wasn’t fatal, but just a havoc. Today, this isn’t the case. I mention Stuxnet as an example of software that was developed and it did some real world damage. Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon: by Kim Zetter is the name of the book and its author. I read this through Kindle and I may have talked about this on my podcast when I did. If this is the first actual weapon that destroyed data and things that were going on, is something else being developed we yet don’t know about?

As usual, our contact information is at the end of the program, and I hope you enjoy this first podcast. I’ll be back on another edition very soon. Thanks so much for listening to this 71 minute program!

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Technology podcast 333: the first of 2020 was released on January 6, 2020 at 10:58 am by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: January 6, 2020.

Comments (5)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 6 January 2020 alle 12:56 (),

    Hi all.
    As usual an interesting and informed cast.
    I have a few points.
    1. software.
    How do you know you are getting the right thing these days as it is.
    First stop, reviews of software, if others have used it then maybe you can trust it to.
    Of course reviews of software can be scued so asking on any forum or list you use about it may help you to trust and finally if your friends use it and say its good then well its good enough.
    Next, opensource.
    Despite of it being a probable target of hackers opensource stuff has a reasonable chance of being safe, not fully safe of course but a reasonable enough chance.
    Some previders like sourceforge do include bits of adds and such and sadly a lot of software does include some sort of malware, I mean you need to pay the bills somehow, and I don’t begrudge any company that tries to keep the prices down while previding a good service.
    Saying that, even if they don’t offer it and even if you don’t need to, when you can, donate to your company of choice.
    If you can’t find some way to contribute to that company, tell your friends about it for one, join one of their descussions, enter a beta testing team, and other things.
    As well as github, sourceforge and gitlab, a lot of people you may visit the site of may have their own or lists or recommended software they use and this is a good guide.
    There should be no need unlike like a decade or 2 ago to pirate software at all or anything like this.
    In fact if you want you can go completely free.
    For the windows user, you can be mostly free.
    That does bring into contention of where the categories of software we all love and loath sit from yesteryear.
    The biggest of these is your average security suite.
    Now this aint for business because you probably have one as a matter of course but for the home user, unless you need a specialised something windows defender, with windows firewall, and malwarebytes is probably it.
    With a lot of false positives in a lot of games and some other things especially for the blind, especially when software appears to be detected wrong you want something that you can control yourself even if its really so called bad, trusting your software even internal os software is not full proof.
    I do know people that use norton but I havn’t for ages.
    And while some software groups still hold true the small to large sound editer and music composition software, your graphics software, and other such things well.
    There is also a lot of cloud based software.
    Another point is to stay with trusted previders of software.
    codecguide, and free-codecs carry a lot of third party software.
    And if you are really in doubt ninite handles a big database.
    Some software databases like that, techspot, fileforum, majorgeeks, and a few others may have trustable things on there and microsoft stuff can usually be fine to.
    Of course, there are places like cnnet download which do have a lot of adds and other junk, and I have had to stop using dvdvideosoft because while it was subscription based, their free stuff included so much malware that using the software was a chore.
    Eventually after a lot of trial and error you will find your ideal software list and you will hold on to it.
    On the comercial end, most of the time it should be fine to use and download, after all you are paying and its in their best interest to keep that software add free.
    With the new gdpr, there are a load of software companies now that say they have adds or other spyware in their software to keep it free and asking you to buy their stuff.
    Again if you can afford it and you use it a lot I’d go for it especially if you get good service.
    For the blind, a small detractor is the software’s accessibility.
    It may rate the best in security, it may be the top software in the world, it may be the best of the best but we can’t pay 100-20000 dollars for it.
    And unless its worth it subscriptions, well I don’t care for those.
    Also it doesn’t matter if its going to be the best in the world if we can’t use it.
    This is the ownly downside.
    At the end of the day, if that crusty crappy malware full software package is accessible and the legal, secure and really cool package is not, then we can’t use the best package because we can’t take advantage because its not accessible.
    Some of the companies especially the bigger ones don’t have good service either.
    2. virtual cards, hmmm sounds quite nice except for a few things.
    1. fake credit cards, they exist, I can see how these services like privacy.com could be misused.
    If I a retailer can’t tell if a credit card is virtual or real, I may just not use that system at all.
    If you don’t know where things come from, etc, then you may have a problem.
    Where I can local transfer via account to account while a real pain to use accessibly can be the safest thing.
    I have paypal which is mainly just email address and its safe.
    For new zealand I use paypoly which is like paypal but with 1 time generated ref and ids for what you are buying and is direct from account to account.
    Finally, I end this comment with an interesting but chilling note.
    A thing thats not been talked about.
    There is a youtube video about talking what would happen if the net went down for a day.
    We depend on the net for just about everything, we take it for granted that our stuff will be about.
    This thursday, I will have no power due to a transformer upgrade.
    This means, no phone bar cell, no net, no computer, and nothing much else.
    As I am a free lancer and know when that is, I can just take that day off.
    However, if you need power or more importantly if you need power for your business then well you are in trouble.
    I have had people that work in business, even if the net goes down for a few minutes its a loss of business.
    Any more than 10 minutes downtime, because everything is online, thats that, no net, no work go home.
    Its also interesting in this reguard, how the world seems to be.
    We don’t need to have the world end, all we need to do is lose power and or the net or both and our world will basically stop.
    Its something we don’t think about much but with the climate changes going on and all the desasters going on, wars, natural or other wise, same for fires, we will have more issues.
    In a few short decades we have learned how to survive with the net and power.
    Lose that, and well, we can’t do anything!
    There are scant real articles on what to do without power and seem to conform to short cuts.
    Bar your fridges of course, the advice on if you have a powercut is, talk, play games, have sex and get drunk then sleep.
    If this is all I can find if we lose power, then hmmm.

  2. Comment by tech date 6 January 2020 alle 13:34 (),

    Hello all, Shaun very interesting comments here. Its source forge FYI. I hear what you’re saying about the companies and software. Its just ashame that more software has a problem with adds and malware. If I were to develop software, than I would try to make it where adds were not in them. I hate the add riddled web sites, but understand why its there, the bills must be paid.

    Thats why I’ve talked about donating to the network to help offset costs. I don’t make it a requirement, I believe there is a paypal button on this page and if not, on my main web page under the link for donating to the network.

    In any case, your comments are quite interesting, and do keep up the great work.

  3. Comment by tech date 6 January 2020 alle 15:04 (),

    Your comments has spurred me to do a segment on this topic for next podcast. While sex is out of the picture for me, could you imagine no Internet and no power? I saw the video today through a tweet that was posted 5 days ago, but the talk will be on this plus a potential power outage. It could happen, if the sabateurs want it to.

  4. Comment by crashmaster date 7 January 2020 alle 15:09 (),

    Hmmm security is 1 concern, however, while thats always a potential issue, we have more chance from a natural disaster happening than a hack, they seem on the rize.
    Even in new zealand we are not immune from fire, as a large one is going on up north and its a problem now.
    I just hope that next month when I attend a festival close to the fire that its not a problem anymore.
    This is a week long festival and most of it is outside.
    With power, the other issue is planned outages as well as random things.
    2 weeks back I got a message saying our transformers or at least 1 of them is being shut down for upgrades for 8 hours.
    Thank god its summer but weather has not been as stable as I would like.
    So a lot of chores we would usually do tomorrow have been shifted to today wednesday.
    I have a place to be tomorrow morning, and a place that I can be in the afternoon away from my gear, and I plan to get up early in the morning to try to get on top of things but there have been so many storms going on I may sleep through the entire thing.
    On the subject of adds, its a tricky thing.
    I am on sites for good software which state, please disable your antivirus, antimalware and other security so we can continue to previde a free service.
    In other words, please donate to our services, because we really need the cash to continue to do things, hint, hint, hint.
    I actually think that its not all the advertisers fault, spam and ransomware removed at this point.
    We have got to comfortable in free stuff.
    A lot of stuff is, and a lot isn’t but people like free, me included.
    Free isn’t fully free though a lot would like it to be.
    If we didn’t have adds we wouldn’t have the net.
    Regulated adds are mostly ok, I mean all those supermarket specials and tracking, knowing things like how well the site was doing yesterday was a nice thing and could be nice for businesses.
    Everything can be misused its a given its a thing to manage the misuse and keep it down to a level we can cope with, we can’t stop terrorism, fraud, corruption, echonomic resession, so what gives us the idea we can make misuse a 0 type of thing anyway.
    At some point we can become so secure that the users won’t like it, see the post on yahoo I commented on today.
    And for those who want a free lunch, they should see the story of the free internet.
    Granted you can get access to the net for free legally but you need a large population and comercial services to support you.
    In new zealand from 1997 to 2002 we did have free net.
    Several previders like i4free, zfree, etc all over dialup were free and supported by comercial previders.
    However they often got overloaded and free, well lets face it, free doesn’t pay.
    Eventually all that free stuff just stopped by itself.
    Its not that bad with software, we have adds, tracking, so called privacy things going on because people don’t want to pay.
    Whenever people go on about privacy, tracking, the big cloud like google, etc, I ask them how much you would pay for that service.
    99.9% of google’s services bar some cloud and translations are free and most stuff is reasonable.
    We get a lot of services for free and take it for granted.
    I remember back to dialup when it was 2.5 dollars an hour.
    I remember 10mb email attachment limits, I remember paying per mb for everything you need to do.
    All those newish people after dialup have no idea.
    And its not like we don’t get benifits, gps, mapping, email, weather, news, all that stuff posted, like it or not, when you search for something, google knows everyone’s information and chances are someone has searched and or put whatever it is in so it knows.
    Its a 2 edged sword and we need to except that while we don’t like it we are getting a lot out of the net even though the notion of privacy needs to change a lot.
    Some of it will be user controled of course but still.
    One thing that has come out of all this is that the gdpr has basically forced big companies and companies in general to state clearly in plain english exactly what they are, what they do and what they need without all the junk in the middle.
    Yes a few smaller companies have issues but there have been few complaints and becides if customers know what you are about they will continue to visit you more and attract more customers so its a bit of a win win.
    There is always misuse of everything and banning things you don’t like won’t help either.
    You should be able to be as secure or private or safe as you need to be, its best you are, its not the end if you are not but your risk goes up a lot.
    Most of it is commen sence but online some can forget it.

  5. Comment by tech date 7 January 2020 alle 21:08 (),

    Hello Shaun,

    At The Jared Rimer Network we have tried to make the policies as clear as possible without going in to legal language. We state what we’re going to do with it, and what we do after we’ve done what we needed to afterword. All the web sites I maintain have that in place. While the network is self maintained and not sponsored by advertising, we’ve got an advertisors page for those who want to utalize the service. Its not banner adds, but its advertising just the same.

    You have some valid points about the free net though, and while its harder to get and have free net, you could do it if you play the cards right.

    Keep up the great work.

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