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Assignment 17 has been submitted for grading

4 braille copies later, lots of time understanding what is wanted, I believe that the assignment is finally ready for grading. The purpose of this blog post is to describe how I put this assignment together. I’d like to thank Bob for sending me the text, so that I have it.

First, I took the text, and put percent codes where I thought they needed to be. For example: I used the percent code %pn=1|10 which started the page numbering for the assignment. This is a brand new percent code to have page numbers that are hyphenated. Next, I used the usual percent codes for formatting which include %3-1 and %1-3 in spots. Braille copies indicated that I need to continually change things, and my mentor gave me prompts on what may be wrong without giving me the answers.

I continued to ask questions to understand what was needed. I definitely got confused on one part where it said to use list format, but also said to use cell 5 runover 5 (5-5) for the footnotes. That understanding and clarification is crucial to this assignment, and I’m not going to give any answers to how it should be done as there may still be an issue.

I also used simulated braille to have the note separation line that is discussed. I was unclear if every note needed a line or just the first one, so that was confusing to me. While I kept reading the book, trying to understand what is required, it left some very interesting questions.

I’ll have more on this assignment on a full write up through jaredrimer.info once the assignment is graded. For now, know that this uses lots of different formatting, and a full understanding of what is required is definitely important.

Braille2000’s talking edition played a crucial part, as I was able to check the formatting based on what I wanted, and how I understood the assignment. Each time I changed something, I checked its formatting carefully, then got a braille out of that copy to determine whether I was reading it correctly.

Initial versions did not understand the new symbols I’ve never seen until now for dagger and double dagger. B2K was updated to handle this in import.

I think thats all for now, but I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about my experience to date and how I used B2K for this as well as various percent codes.

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Assignment 17 has been submitted for grading was released on January 23, 2020 at 10:50 am by tech in Braille 2000.
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