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Tech 337: Building security takes a new hight

The RSS has th program on it. Its just gtten published.

We’ve got lots of different things includig building security, erata, and more.

The full notes are below.

Welcome to podcast 337. While we’ve got some corrections by Shaun in regards to last podcast, one of the biggest topics I think you’ll want to get your paws on is buildings being connected to the Internet. I’m not kidding! I’ve got a blog post with the article of the same name: Hackers are hijacking smart building access systems to launch DDoS attacks and this is definitely something to think about.

Also on the podcast, we’ve got a dumb criminal award for the podcast. If you’re going to commit a crime, you want to try and hide like a lot of America’s Most Wanted’s criminals did. Thats why they were hard to catch, and eventually, a lot of them were caught. A great story on how not! to get caught in cybercrime? is my blog post, and I link to Brian Kreb’s coverage of this.

Finally, although not in the exact order of the podcast, we’ve got my discussion of the infamous 404 page and how it helped me fix a bug on my own web site. Building a 404 page that helps fix bugs is the article title, and it was definitely something interesting. While the code I wanted displayed didn’t show, the fact is, we can fix our error pages to help us fix those pesky mistakes in code.

Contact information is available on the podcast, and even available on the blog. Feel free to utalize it, and we’ll see you on another edition of the cast!

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Tech 337: Building security takes a new hight was released on February 8, 2020 at 3:31 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: February 8, 2020.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 8 February 2020 alle 15:47 (),

    Speaking of mistakes, There were a lot of mistakes with spelling, joined words and links missing letters mainly the rss link.
    I have just fixed those.
    The cast is as usual quite imformative and entertaining as always, but now everyone else can enjoy it to.

  2. Comment by tech date 8 February 2020 alle 16:10 (),

    Thank you! Don’t know how that happened, but its all good.

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