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Important announcement for 10th february 2020 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Important announcement for 10th february 2020

Hi all.
Well as you know every time there is a podcast and in the last 2 casts jared peaks my interest on things.
Not everything is successfull but here are the things done this week and not done due to issues.
Things which are not done probably won’t be done unless there is a way about doing so.
1. security.
In addition to spam and 2 factor with jetpack, we have logic captcha with captcha booster.
This is another layer on top of the stuff we have.
This allows the site to just work without stupidness on behalf of well recaptcha and its weirdness.
We have an email obfiscation encoder which should keep email addresses secure and generate links if they don’t exist.
There is a faq, contact page and an error page created.
Oh and there is a plugin for admins to get errors.
right now my address]
Are the admin stuff.
Jared is in

america and I am in new zealand.
I can handle content messages, like errors in posts, simple plugins and configurations.
Jared can handle anything else which is not point and click.
The following ideas are trashed for now and may or may not be revisited in the future.
1. a question and answer system.
A lot of sites have one, so decided to put one in.
Visual elements in plugins I tried made me reconcidder, anyway with our captcha and other methods it should work.
2. a login pin.
This could still be a thing, I just can’t find any plugins to use.
3. a social network login.
Again due to visual nature I can not configure some of this stuff properly so its gone.
4. a contact form for admins and the like.
Visual elements and probably not worth it.
5. a message system for admins and users.
Visual again.
So will there be any more.
Probably not, I don’t see myself installing any more plugins right now for custom logins or plugins for web page errors, things should just work.
I am fully aware about the peskey healthcheck if anyone cares about php.
Technically we should really be on 7.4 however the previder doesn’t seem to either want or to move that fast so I am leaving it.
The site works and we are not a shopping network so I am focusing on passive protections where stuff just does its thing.
Thats it for now.
More announcements when we get more casts.

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Important announcement for 10th february 2020 was released on February 9, 2020 at 9:41 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: February 9, 2020.

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