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we have trapped the error subsystem

Hi all.
Well today the following tasks are completed.
1. site faq.
There is a link near the end of the site after the blogs and links section that is site faq.
In there I explain a bit about the security system and such.
As things continue to be upgraded this may or may not grow.
2. Privacy policy.
The site disclaimer is also the privacy policy such as it is pertaining to this site.
I am no lawyer so its quite simple, ie information will not be shared or sold.
Protection of email is encoded and we have ssl, captcha and 0spam and that will work fine.
We have a standard error page which covers all errors though the only error this works for is the 404 error.
We accomplish this with a plugin called 404 page.
This allows us to link a page with the stuff in it we need.
There is an advanced section which is totally visual full of unlabeled links but we don’t need it.
The other thing we have is wordpress error pages customiser or at least something along those lines.
If anyone wants the actual plugin let me know in the comments.
This allows us to customise the 403 and(hidden or forbidden access)
and, 401, login error when you have entered to many times the information for login though this shouldn’t be a problem.
Now if you have a cognitive issue there may be a slight possibility that you may not be able to solve the simple captcha but you will need to be really bad for that to happen.
If you do have that issue, or if you don’t want to put your information on here you can still login with wordpress with 2 step which may be more comfortable for you.
We also have a contact us page to now I don’t have the knowledge to make the email addresses say the various names but good job trying to copy them with a bot.
Now granted if you really want to you can copy them with your keyboard but its harder.
If you do try, you will see the word javascript and a ; character.
This should be all for the moment unless I can think about anything more.
I have held off customising login screens because these are fine as they are.
Anyway we will start conflicting with stuff as it is.
What I’d like to do is add things like an audio logo to the site maybe, and maybe sounds when you click about in standard and admin consoles but its not really needed as such.
A reminder to all that today is patch tuesday.
If you have any issues with the last update and some aparently have you should get the latest update.
Flash and adobe reader dc have updates, reader having the first update for this year.
A reminder that flash is supposed to be approaching end of life this year.
Shockwave is allready at end of life.
I plan to clear flash and shockwave off my systems once that reaches end of life.
If you need to use flash, it is recommended to use html5 or adobe air.
Google chrome has another update as does office.
Outage notes.
The following times I will not be available for any immediate support or duties.
20th feburary I will be away all that week starting on that day for a music festival.
24 april.
I will be away till the start of may on vacation but it may be a bit longer.
During this time there will be no support or updates at least from me.
Thanks for reading.

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we have trapped the error subsystem was released on February 11, 2020 at 8:58 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: February 11, 2020.

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