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Have a Mac? This article might be for you

While I’ve not been blogging much, I’ve been reading, and I’ve continued to look for items that may be of interest. I don’t really get a Mac article so when I saw this Mac article, I knew that people may be interested in it. It comes from Trend Micro who has products for the Mac to protect yourself from the nastys of the Internet.

Think you’re untouchable because you have a Mac? You were at once untouchable, but actors are targeting a wide variety of platforms and your Mac computer is no different. Keep in mind that each person is going to be different on how they use their Mac, and your instincts will tell you whats safe and what isn’t safe.

The debate of whether to use products like Trend Micro or any other company that can protect you by alerting you or blocking the suspicious behavior is up for debate. While the article I’m linking to indicates that you should install such software, the choice is yours. The tips within this 21-step protection article does include installing something but you need to start with basic computer work as well. This includes removing software that is problematic, out of date and unused software that could be abused, just to name a few.

To read all of the Ideas Trend Micro has about how to keep your mac safe, please read 21 Tips to Stay Secure, Private, and Productive as You Work from Home on Your Mac as a starting point, keeping your own needs in mind of course.

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