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important admin notice

Hi all users.

Over the last few days well 2 days to be exact a group of new users are
on here.

Thats good except their names are weird and the domains are almost the same.

They also registered in a bunch.

Starting from now, users will need to be approved by one of us admins
either jared or myself.

I have yet to decide on deleting all the mismatched odd users in the
database and will not be deciding that today.

If by the end of the week this hasn’t calmed down though I will be
perging all weird domain users then waiting for the group to reregister
then blocking them.

Obviously I may actually misrecognise and get a actual genuine user.

If you are genuine and are blocked, email one of the admins here.

I am on gmail, and sm dot everiss is my username gmail dot com is my domain.

I won’t be putting all of that here in case its being read by spammers.

Saying that, obviously if you are a genuine user and you are not getting
a stupid domain or something then you will get through.

Obviously because every registration needs to be human approved this may
take extra time.

A reminder that in addition to your account registration on here you can
do a 2step auth login via your wordpress id onto here now and skip
registration entirely.

Just don’t be surprised if I or the other admin checks you out in case

Right now this is another precaution over our security solutions
currently in place.

We have at least 2 spam solutions here including the protection in
jetpack and our logical captcha for logins, maybe I will check this out
and see if I can yet increase that.
As an added note.
I have just cleared the database of all spam!
Now its probbable that I have cleared users that I don’t know the userid of.
I know my user id, the admin user id, another id for visparo which I registered last week and there is yet another which wouldn’t let me kill it so assuming I have 5 good users here.
Now, that means I have a lot of other users that I don’t know.
I most likely have cleared legit users.
With the new registration system and the new approval system I am confident we will not see any more of this spam stuff on here at all.
If spam does continue, dispite our approval systems I will have to concidder ending registrations and that aint the answer in my opinion.
I’d still like some automatic code validation.
I am not sure about rules but maybe I will set things.
Right now, I would appreciate that all users that register have an understandable id.
If I see username 123523 or gxxx534 or something with bad language in it or porn or sex or something you will not even get past approval.
Not sure about domains.
If you are registered and not approved within the next 2 days, please email me or jared with your particular username and details you registered so I can approve you.
I will continue talking with tech on adding extra users and rules.
Later all.

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important admin notice was released on July 26, 2020 at 2:04 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: July 26, 2020.

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