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The Security box, podcast 8: show notes reissue

I found there was an error in the notations, which I fixed in my file.

Instead of going ahead and updating the post, I’ll go ahead and make a new one.

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Welcome to podcast 8 of the Security Box. As you’ll see by the notes here, we’re fully packed, the show should be that way. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am bringing it together for each and every one of you.


  • Jennifer had quite a bit to talk about during the reairing of the Security Box from last week. Through Skype, we’ve got several messages due to Skype’s change in the way messages are taken which is news to me. We play and answer any questions asked.


  • What do you think when you have your TV? Do you think of it as something to watch, something to possibly play games on and listen to podcasts, and that is all? We know that the apple TV allows you to watch movies and rent them through Itunes, but what about your set top box? Do you know anything about them? In an article tweeted by Security Week we are learning that several manufacturers are not fixing anything and the vulnerabilities in these set top boxes are bad. I had not envisioned this to be a malware prone set top box, and now, I am glad I don’t have a TV. Vulnerabilities Expose Popular DVB-T2 Set-Top Boxes to Botnets: Researchers is the article, and I think we need to at least know about them. Avast was responsible for this research, and I think it is important for people to read this one. It talks about the set top box, and goes in to the research that encompasses it.
  • Shaun Everiss has sent me this article from stuff.co.nz in regards to New Zealand’s issues with its stock exchange. According to the article, New Zealand had its stock exchange attacked by a well-known entity known as Fancy Bear. We know on the tech podcast that Fancy Bear has been targeting people for ransom for many years now, along with other groups like apt28 which may be the same people. Look it up. NZX back online as Government assists in helping it address cyberattacks is the post and its something we need to be concerned about although the exchange is now back online. We could be the next target. This can’t be good.
  • I was asked to cover Tik Tok. Cybersecurity expert’s take on TikTok sale is Scott Schober being interviewed about the potential sale. We’ve got an interview which is covered briefly in news notes, and this video was put out on September 1, 2020 just a day before the podcast. I found this quite interesting and you may too.

News Notes:

Lots of different items have gone on this week it’ll be hard to cover everything here. There are some things linked through the blog, but I’ll highlight a few items here.

There may be things listed here we covered as a topic, but then again, there may not be.

For a complete article list, check out the tech blog where you might find other things not covered here or in the news notes file played within the podcast.

Podcast segments

Final Thoughts:

Have anything you’d like to say? Want to leave a voice mail message? Call 641-715-3800 and when prompted dial 96-96-709. Follow the prompting to leave a voice mail in the voice mail box. While Skype allows for voice mail, this won’t work anymore due to changes unknown to me, and there aren’t that many options left. I hope you’ll enjoy the program today, and thanks for listening and checking out the notes!

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The Security box, podcast 8: show notes reissue was released on September 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: September 4, 2020.

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