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well its out

Hi all.
The latest windows 10 20h2 is out.
Some of you may get an enablement package but some like me may go and download and install via upgrade assistant or media tool you will certainly want to update your recovery media which which is what I did yesterday.
Biggest thing to notice is that control panel system is gone.
To invoke system, type control sysdm.cpl into the run box and it will run fine.
Everything goes to settings but we all know that there are a lot of settings still in control panel that have always worked for us users.
There are articles about lists of control panel commands.
Most of these have existed since xp days and earlier so most of these will work for us.
Sadly there were a few regressions for those that use media tool or update assistant.
The biggest seems to be the disabling of system restore.
I also managed to get explorer to crash once while processing things.
As usual you will need to reinstall your virtual midi controlers, adjust your recording devices,etc else they just won’t work.
This includes installing screen reader components so they actually run.
Remember to deauth and reauth itunes before you update and deactivate and reactivate your synths as well.
If you have shell things like ribbon disabler you need to reenable that to.

Here are the updated programs to be informed about.
For those on amd, amd drivers 20.10.1 is out.
In this update they actually do a good job on fixing the most critical issues in the current driver packages and while there are issues they are not critical.
Java 8.7.1 is out.
Be aware that java 8.6.1 will not be uninstalled after this and needs to be done manually.
Node js 15.0 is out and also we switch choco to using visual studio build tools 2019.
Remember to remove 2017 after update and be patient, I wasn’t and spent time yesterday finding how to reinstall the tools.
Thunderbird 78.4 is out.
Waterfox 2020.10 is out but if you use nvda please don’t bother with it, 08 works and doesn’t crash on a few sites.
Really which waterfox.net would actually fix their brouser instead of just securing it.
Some store stuff got updates to.
Due to be away for 3 days next week.
On a personal level I have applied for several jobs and while a couple have fallen through the rest look good.
Hopefully this year ends on a high with some more contracts.
For now thats me for a little.
On the subject of the suplamental cast, I have not forgotten you.
Its just because of some medical issues and the fact covid and various things have simply put my head in a different zone.
One of my major issues of late is the fact I go through several phases of sleep.
During winter I sleep and sleep deeply.
The rest of the time I may sleep but not all night, or at least 5 am in the morning.
At times I will sleep to 2 and thats way to early to get up.
At times I will sleep to 4 then get up.
Today is one of these times, I am up at 4.30 because I have things to listen to thank god and feel full of power.
If I sleep I will be sleeping till mid day.
This may actually happen.
Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my issues resolved.
I need to sleep till a good hour.
Training will not happen tomorrow because lets face it, I need to be at this thing at 9am.
Don’t know how long its going to take, so training is knocked out.
Depending on things I may also knock off training for the rest of the week, I have a full saturday session, and sessions on monday and friday.
And saturday.
Not sure what else I will do.
Laters just now I’m done.

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Last modified: October 21, 2020.

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