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Here is some more government news

Hey folks,

I think I want to try and catch up the blog, so I’m going to do a governmental post tonight, and we should be caught up.

I’m so tired of someone blaming someone, yet nothing is really done. We’ve got two articles of this nature.

First, Justice Department official accuses China of acting as ‘safe haven’ for cybercriminals

China is increasingly tolerant of criminal hackers on its soil if they are willing to hack on behalf of the Chinese government, a senior U.S. Justice Department
official has alleged.

If this is the beginning of the article, might I remind you that China was the first to develop what was once known as the “great firewall.” This firewall didn’t let Chinese citizens to go sites like Facebook, Twitter, or even their own versions of social media if they wanted to. We never reigned them in for that crap, and I talked about it in earlier blogs and podcasts. I’m sure I can find the podcasts if people want them, but this is enough. What are we as a nation going to do about their recent ordeals? Its time we as a nation step up, not just the United States, but all nations against what China has done.

Speaking of U.S. people blaming people and accusing people, how about this article? It is entitled US blames Iran for threatening emails sent to Florida voters and I’ll ask again, what are we doing about this one? To be fair, I’m not sure if Iron has really done anything like this before, so should we be sending them a warning not to do that crap? On top of that, while I did read the article, this type of thing of sending emails pretending to be other entities and the like are continuing to happen all the time, so what do we do about that? This isn’t the first time.

I give the FBI a lot of credit in regards to what they have been doing in the cyberspace arena. This article entitled What the FBI did to make headway against COVID-19 research hackers talks about how they have been trying to help people by sharing intelligence to other companies so they are better prepared. A lot of what they’re doing is permission based, according to the article. This is quite awesome!

Finally, EU slaps sanctions on GRU leader, Fancy Bear, FBI-wanted hacker over Bundestag attack. Its about time someone goes after Fancy bare. This is the first time I’ve heard that they are now being targeted and wanted for something. Fancy Bear has been targeting people with all kinds of stuff.

The European Union on Thursday sanctioned the head of a Russian military intelligence unit, an alleged hacker wanted by the FBI and a Russian government-linked
hacking group over a 2015 cyberattack against Germany’s parliament.

We’ll have to see what happens with this one.

There is so much I’ve not read that I want to read, the fact I didn’t feel well didn’t help matters. I’ll be finding things I want to cover, but this should catch people up. Be well!

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