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We’ve got more news … DDO Secrets isn’t being done leaking data … using TOR now from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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We’ve got more news … DDO Secrets isn’t being done leaking data … using TOR now

In the back dated department, I remember talking about DDO Secrets in this 2020 blog post: Blue Leaks, this is as bad as it gets which talked about something called blue leaks. Apparently, this was 10 years of archives named blue leaks, and we’ve not heard anything about it nor DDO Secrets till now. To set the record straight as I was writing this, Blue Leaks was the name of 269gb of data that you’ll read about as I take this Phishlabs article apart, no wonder my memory is fuzzy on the name.

Now, Phishlabs has an article on this agency, Activists Leak Data Stolen in Ransomware Attacks and it has lots of various links to various things to boot.

This company seems to have terabytes of stolen emails, documents, and photos
from various companies covering the range of sectors like finance, pharmaceuticals, software, and manufacturing. So, I guess Germany didn’t do enough to shut them completely down as now they’re back to work causing havoc like every other ransomware group out there. That’s nice!

This is probably the most important paragraph about this group which brings back memories from the earlier post I linked to within this article. While I mentioned it above after I initially wrote this, it is still worth sharing for those who are not interested in linking back to my prior coverage of the Blue Leaks fiasco. The paragraph says:

Stating their goal is to “serve and inform the public,” DDoSecrets claims that the information they are promoting and publishing is already exposed and
that data leaked by ransomware groups often contains information that deserves to be scrutinized. 

Are you sure they have already been exposed and you just aren’t another hacker going after data to make yourselves look good?

Now we’ve also got to worry about double extortion where companies have to pay the ransome and then pay to make sure it doesn’t get out. We’ve learned through other articles that this tactic doesn’t quite work, because these gangs can go on their word and do it anyway. That is what I think this DDO Secrets company is, and I’m sticking to it.

The collection and publication of stolen data by DDoSecrets clearly illustrates why organizations affected by a ransomware attacks have more to worry about
than negotiating a ransom payment. Extracted data is frequently exposed whether or not ransoms are paid. Data stolen in ransomware compromises may be on
the road to a fast and much more public exposure via a third-party. 
DDoSecrets has been in the spotlight for publishing hacked documents in the past, including a 269-gigabyte collection of law enforcement files known as
BlueLeaks. After a series of repercussions including a server seizure, they are now hosting a majority of their content on Tor protected sites. 

Now I understand where Blue Leaks came from, this company either stole stuff or baught it, published it, then got it named blue leaks by the community based on the data that was stolen. Now, that makes sense, and I remember now this article said that but I’ve been reading so much as of late.

Since now they host their stuff on TOR web sites, is there any luck on getting it shut down for good? People like this make me wonder why we have the internet anymore; even though we’re all connected during this difficult time. I appreciate my Internet, and I really don’t want my Internet to have problems because of some company like this out loose buying stolen data, putting it out and hurting companies. That isn’t for the greater good, is it? The comment boards await you.

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We’ve got more news … DDO Secrets isn’t being done leaking data … using TOR now was released on January 10, 2021 at 11:00 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: January 10, 2021.

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