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fallout of covid19

This is the article.

So basically this is one of the major things I have been concerned
about since covid appeared though I didn’t imagine this would be a
I thought security breaches, failures in the tracking systems, the
fact restrictions would collapse most democratic governments, I even
invisioned nuclear war with china under trump, and him still being in
However this could do more damage than a nuke.
So, basically, you’re a business, and suddenly you are locking down
because of covid.
Suddenly you are needing to go digital immediately.
You don’t have time to do your research, you just need to go!

For those allready on the way to assimilation into the borg it just
shoved it forward and probably improved things a bunch.
Its certainly improved a few of my ideas a bunch and adjusted my priorities.
But for those that suddenly had to go, well because of how its panned
out, suddenly they have brought expensive and as its turned out
unneeded software and such.
There are some businesses that going digital right now does not suit
them and they are now stuck with stuff they either have no or little
use for.
For myself I am happy I moved to getting the technology I wanted 3
years back because I can’t get the same stuff.
The only extra thing I have had to do was upgrade and install zoom on
several computers as well as sorting a few new technologies but I only
had to pay for 1 of them and got a bargain for the other.
In my experience as a freelance tester, companies actually got more
flexable in the short term and I hope that this continues.
However this is a problem.
There is no easy way to back out of arrangements you don’t need or never needed.
The only way is to contact the sellers and hope you can get out of it.
This could be the biggest or at least next biggest thing that could
drop proffits in some companies.

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Last modified: February 7, 2021.

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