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wordpress logins unavailable for the moment

Hi all.
This is a notice to say that wordpress logins for those that give a damn are not available for the moment because of an issue with 2step authentication.
The long and short is, that when I try to activate 2step and run wordpress 2step, ie I login to a site with it, it acts like it is working but I never get my sms code unless I try several times then eventually I will get a code, 2 times if I am lucky, 10 or more if not.
Every time it doesn’t work I need to wait a couple minutes till it resets.
I have been doodling with a few software packages mainly the wordpress packages themselves for windows from wordpress itself, and noticed this.
Wordpress app couldn’t even recieve any authentication till I pulled one from the web then using it for the app.
No idea if its me or wordpress itself but I have sent automatic general a request on the internals of the authentication system.
The only reason I had it on apart from the obvious is jetpack engine, wordpress logins and recommended security settings.
But if its being semi rood right now I just can’t justify having it on if it refuses to send me the number for no reason I can see.
I am conciddering a shut down of the registration system currently in place and if this is not addressed in the next few months that may lead me towards this eventuality.
We havn’t had any more users in the last 6 months or so coming in.
And if security on wordpress site continues to break like this it may be easier to abandon registration possibly and well as the current security subsystem currently in place.
Thats obviously something I don’t want to happen but lets see how that works.
Currently and for the forseeable future no wordpress logins will be allowed so if you want to post you must register the usual way.
I am unsure if I will ever turn on 2step unless that is they fix it.
I do hope they can fix it but if they don’t then they don’t I guess.
I should make a song and dance but the old world has ended and these are covid times.
So I’ll just turn it off and forget about till its sorted or I get an explanation.
At the moment there isn’t an issue with the software on either end but if I don’t get the code then well who knows.
The other way I guess is to start setting app passwords for various catigries of things.
I don’t give a damn about app passwords but I only need 1 for my brouser, and everything else will just work.
Later thats it for now

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wordpress logins unavailable for the moment was released on May 8, 2021 at 6:45 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: May 8, 2021.

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