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podcasts and rss

This started with me upgrading my brouser from old waterfox which has had issues lately back to firefox.
I descovered that in chromium and firefox rss just didn’t work at all.
Currently there are several options.
1. install or get a portable version of waterfox 20.08 or firefox below version 64 so firefox 52 will work.
If you use all windows from windows xp through to 8 of course you can use internet explorer.
The issue is of course that microsoft is retiring internet explorer next year so no dice with that.
We will cover the addons I use.
Note, this does not cover rss feeds for subscription.
If you have chrome you may use this.
or this
Just add to chrome as you would an extention by selecting add to chrome and the add to chrome button that will pop up then close and reopen your rss.
This is shoyu rss and atom preview.
pronounced show you rss and atom preview.
The link is this.

A note to this addon.
After adding this in chrome/edge /brave/ whatever other rss you have, your feed will open in a new tab.
When you close the tab it will have a spare window which you must close.
I don’t know why that does that but it works.
For firefox
go to addons.mozilla.org and search for rss then I want my rss.
Link is
I want my rss does what it says, it will actually display the rss as you are used to in the same window and it will work.
To add an extention to firefox, select add to firefox link somewhere on the page, under the addon heading then hit alt a several times till a checkbox for private windows appears, check or uncheck as you want then hit ok then close and reopen.
Small note.
These are not rss apps, this tutorial doesn’t cover rss readers, news agrogaters, or podcatchers.
This is to simply restore the lost functionality for reviewing feeds.
I don’t subscribe to feeds or casts rather I download indevidual files.
In the case of chromium this will render the rss feed as a standard webpage and not a pile of junk.
With firefox you won’t be needing to download and save the rss file or anything like that.
To be honest I don’t understand why the removal but oh well thats progress I guess.

On the subject of articles, I have been reading a lot of them over the week.
Like a lot of places the local hospital or rather one of the country’s hhealth services got ransommwared.
The person that got this on their system clicked a link in an email.
We can assume this person was probably expecting something rather than being dumb and clicked in error because this trick is old as the hills.
Systems are still being restored but its not that easy.

In other news using an app and taking down encripted networks, the fbi was able to arrest several gangsters and bust several gangs world wide which is a win.
Sadly, as is the case, there is probably another attack vector out there.
No panic just yet but now the fbi has an app to handle the encripted networks, it means that everyone’s network could potentially be gotten into.
The method or rather idea is now live and the fbi can’t really stop someone else using the same concept to get control of who knows what.
Last night a glitch appears to have caused a lot of the net to shut down for an hour due to an issue with a large cloud previder though they are not saying anything.

I will continue to read things.
Please note, when adding posts the latest wordpress puts it in a category called general updates and announcements.
Please uncheck this because if you don’t the post will not appear at all.
On another small note if you are a sighted reader please check if the mobile view works, I did doodle with the theme today and it looks ok but either wordpress or the current theme we have.
Currently there are reports of small letters and elements to close, though there was another issue last year.
I assume it just works but oh well.

Please note if you notice doubled letters my keyboard probably needs cleaning.
I havn’t done it yet but its something I need to try to actually do.

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Last modified: June 9, 2021.

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