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my responce to recent comments and posts

Well for whatever reason my comments just don’t take and not sure why.
Also I can’t seem to be able to comment it just wants me to sign in nothing wrong but oh well I have 2 things to comment on.
1. zoom.
I have never had issues with zoom and use my google account.
I like google knowing about my meetings and calendars notifying me, usefull as hell.
I don’t do many meetings though.
I have never had a zoom bomb but maybe I was just lucky.
Zoom is new, but yeah I am in 2 camps about sharing information with google.
Its actually not that bad, by going on google/amazon/facebook, etc you are sharing information.
What information were you sharing exactly.
Email addresses can be easily gotten its after all the main form of communication.
Addresses and phone numbers while a little harder, well address can be gotten easily enough.
Phone numbers I am unsure but probably easily enough.
I’d be concerned if my credit card was being sold or something like that but its hard to get to pissed about whats already in public record.
Becides we share most of that just by being online.
The apple things yeah I have read about it but I can’
‘t be any judge as even my little country is not as stable as some would like and some of those are on the other side and others are on the other side and I am in the middle.
Any tech can be used incorectly by anyone.
Even the most secure can be hacked, have we forgotten about all those breaches in helifax and yahoo?
At any rate it appears that you would have to hack apple and the databases in question and somehow bypass the human checks so no one notices to actually modify the images.
Apple aint going to scan all images it would impact on performance and becides I’d doubt they would last long, no company is that stupid even the most corrupt.
So the only thing is look before you click.
And if you wana go there, use a vpn and don’t use your phone not that I condone any of this shit of course.

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my responce to recent comments and posts was released on August 13, 2021 at 11:33 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: August 13, 2021.

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