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The Technology podcast, podcast 361: Come listen to a very interesting open security forum on Vaccines and more from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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The Technology podcast, podcast 361: Come listen to a very interesting open security forum on Vaccines and more

It has been quite awhile since I released a technology podcast. I got permission to air this one, and it was a room on Clubhouse. Go over to my website and look under social media for a link to my profile there.

The rss has the show, unlike when I announced the Security Box having been put up there and then finding out it went to the wrong feed.

Its the way it goes.

Now, please sit back as we give you the show notes and I send you on your way.

I’ll have more posting later and remember to join me for the Security Box on Wednesday!

Scott Schober is on Clubhouse, and he invited me over to his club which talks about cyber security topics. Here is a link to his Cyber Security club where members can join the conversation. The discussion started with whether we’ve gotten the vaccine or not, whether restaurants and other places are collecting that data let alone securely, and more. I decided to join the stage and while I applauded the conversation about covid-19 vaccines, what aout other problems we’re still dealing with lik the open databases problem? Take a listen to this, and let’s discuss whether I’m right, or whether we need to be concerned about this. I’ll have more talks soon.

Scott Schober’s web site

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The Technology podcast, podcast 361: Come listen to a very interesting open security forum on Vaccines and more was released on September 20, 2021 at 10:21 am by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: September 20, 2021.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 20 September 2021 alle 14:27 (),

    This is why I put it out as a tech podcast. I think they’re on the right track in asking, but at the same time, we’ve got bigger problems we’ve not yet solved. I don’t care if my vaccine info is given out cause it has the dates of the vaccine and what shot it was. Its not private info like some of what we’ve discussed in the past.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 20 September 2021 alle 13:59 (),

    Hi jared.
    Well I have a similar discussion with my dad.
    My dad, is of an older generation than myself and is on the otherside of the political spectrum at home.
    Having a hard time understanding how it all stacks I just don’t even try anymore.
    However as a result I end up being a little open minded on the issue.
    Instead of addressing the issues as the elephant in the room as it were I will address the pandemic as a whole and issues round it.
    1. there is a load of freedoms we have had to sacrofice to handle this this includes our rights and privacy and a lot of extras we wouldn’t normally do.
    Except we post our lives online, phone numbers and addresses are public information and even your email address can be gotten from things.
    Everything is liked to eachother.
    We are not carefull as we should be generally.
    2. we need to take the good with the bad.
    Right now our data is needed by others.
    Vaccination status is now needed.
    With the glbal warming and other disasters we ourselves as a race make and all this its vital.
    So will we have to deal with the trouble later? sure! but this assumes we survive first, we win this war.
    All our rights and our privacy is secondary to our lives.
    3. down the road when we come out of this and face future issues, and we will because we have lived for a million years on this planet and I don’t think we will lie down and die any time soon, there will be a lot of things we will have to rework things we have rushed through.
    Things like vaccine passports, privacy, security, who has access to what, etc.
    But this is for after the war.
    Later, and this assumes that there will be a later, and for some of us it won’t be we will have to figure out how our rushed laws and extras put in place will have to be handled.
    Modling suggests that once in we won’t be able to remove the extras we put in to protect us.
    Things like centralising things and adjusting things to suit the current situations.
    In the long run, yeah.
    We will have to decide how things work out security wize.
    I’ll give my university research I did a few years back.
    There is a bit of hardware and software used for a certain part of research.
    This bit of technology was brought in xp times.
    And its still being used on an unsecure but internal isolated system.
    It can not be updated due to the cost to replace it with its updated version.

    Even if we can update host systems a lot of virtual machines still run for various things.
    As for can the eateries and other places handle our data or should they handle our data, I think the question should actually be should they be forced to handle our data by those in power who themselves are dealing with themselves pluss everything else including but not limited to information yet to be released if ever.
    There is no simply yes no question and answer session here its complex and for most of us we won’t be able to decide what that means.
    Broadly speaking after this is over, we will have a lot of cleanup to do, but such is the hell of war.
    On the up side, we have power, water, and supplies.
    Some parts will drop off and we are going into the long hall in new zealand and australia and others.
    We have fuel, we have computers.
    And we will survive.
    Modeling suggests that we may have 2-3 more years of this counting the year we have so maybe 2 years.
    I believe the last world war was 7 years.
    the last before that was 4 or 5.
    Now if this war continues for more than 7 years then I’d be concerned.

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