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What do I think about the latest news regarding lastpass?

I was spending some time with the Cyberwire and yesterday’s episode had updates in regards to the fiasco around lastpass’s breach which we talked about as the news was coming out.

As I discussed on yesterday’s podcast, I know that I have a strong master password. I also know that I’ve got strong passwords in most cases, and I know I have several that could use improvement.

With that said, I haven’t seen an email from them except that they said they didn’t believe info was taken, however, since this is now out, the fact that they don’t keep the master password, and they set the account for certain iterations to take place, and I at least have two factor on, means that I could be fine.

I know that it was talked about on this week’s security now, and from what I could gather from the notice, Steve has decided to leave Lastpass.

One of my followers and I had a discussion when I last posted about Lastpass. He started this discussion after this blog post from last year.

While I respect the fact that Lastpass was not forthright in telling us about what was going on, I’m sure it is hard to figure out what to tell the public without making yourself look bad. I’m sure they didn’t really know how bad it was, and only a proper investigation can determine what really happened and I know that can take time.

I only saw one blog post on the subject and the email I got linked to that post which I had read and blogged. The problem with updating posts, is that we don’t see those updates, especially if we are on RSS which I am.

This is looking like a more recent blog post which might need to be read.

With that said, Steve said it best. Its harder to leave and move to another password manager, and unless there’s probable cause, there’s no reason to change.

I’m wondering if that’s the same post I read in December or was it November? If so, they should do what I do. Put new blog posts up so that its fresh instead of updating, since RSS is widely used by people.

Based on what I have learned and the fact that as discussed on twitter, I am not going anywhere. If people have a weak master password, maybe there could be a problem, but I don’t know what is accessible out there and I started with Lastpass.

I do know about Bit Warden but I don’t know if it works the same, i.e. importing all my notes and things besides my passwords.

I guess we’ll see what happens, but for now, I’m staying here.

Thoughts are welcome, I’d like to hear what people have to say. Am I wrong to stay where I am? If I am, what other managers are out there that supports notes, storing credit cards, bank account info, other types of notes like software licenses and standard notes along with your passwords?

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Last modified: January 5, 2023.

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