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What does Generation Z think about privacy? from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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What does Generation Z think about privacy?

While I would like to disagree with the article we’re about to present, a lot of the article tends to make sense. Generation Z, otherwise known as Gen Z, think differently than the older generations like mine and others.

Fact is, this is a very interesting article. Generation Z has always taken on a hands on approach to what’s shared VS other folk. They tend to ask for permission first, VS others.

For me, I don’t even post pictures, talk about others, or even use social media in a way that could jeopardize what is goig on in my life. Posting the wrong thing could get all of us in trouble and Gen Z understands that too.

But Generation Z don’t much care about viruses, Malware and the like, and I don’t necessarily blame them. Since 2000, this has been a problem, and with Ransomware on the rise, it is going to become a bigger problem. All I ask, is that Gen Z understand what is out there and make the best decision for them.

Gen Z understand that their close friends and aquaintences are important to them. If something went wrong, they’re hurt by that.

I’d like everyone to read this article by Malware Bytes and David called What Gen Z really cares about when it comes to privacy.

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What does Generation Z think about privacy? was released on November 7, 2023 at 12:15 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: November 7, 2023.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 8 November 2023 alle 09:02 (),

    To be honest I don’t know either.
    I probably don’t do the job exactly right either nore does my dad.
    He has a password book.
    With the majority of my sites free I have at least 3 or 4 passwords I use for those sites.
    1 for forums, 1 for my wordpress.
    1 for paypal.
    1 for the bank.
    1 for my email.
    The rest well the information on there doesn’t matter that much.
    I should but don’t use a password manager.
    I should but don’t use anything over ms antivirus built into the os.
    I do have a lot of older games and blind software misrecognised so there is that.
    While I do use it in a lot of situations, I don’t trust 2fa for stuff I need.
    I mean having another app password for every google app I have sounds safe but impractical to me so I don’t use 2fa.
    I don’t use 2fa on wordpress because I don’t always get the code.
    I don’t bother with it on my social media because I hardly use it.
    I don’t bother with it on a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter.
    My bank and government systtems have it obviously and my secure government id linking them uses it obviously.
    I don’t connect often to weird networks on wifi and I don’t get stuff I don’t know.
    I don’t experiment on software as much if ever these days and I don’t randomly search the net for porn photographs.
    However its fair to say that if you don’t pirate software, chances are you won’t get a virus these days.
    With the free and other streaming services you shouldn’t need to pirate videos etc I mean the isps bundle some of those.
    If you want to buy music you can but if not you have spotify and others.
    A lot of stuuff is opensource.
    From time websites get hacked into.
    Ransomware is a problem but not as much now.
    Scams and spam are always in the background.

    I don’t care or use an ms account and always logon in the usual way.
    The main system has a code word pin word thank god not a number but still.
    I have not moved away from tthe laptop but at some point when this unit dies I may do so and run a desktop.
    The days I run remote are over in fact I want to rest away from my systems.
    I don’t get, well can’t get strange apps on my mobile shell phone.
    The place attacks are will be mobile devices now they are the rage and tablets.
    There is a lot of filtering going on now.
    Its pushed back far enough that we can ignore it to some extent.
    But yeah I had a system tech some years back that would bann you if he saw you doing something bad.
    That was barely 23 years back, which is scary enough.
    Back then we had wireless, no cloud, no fibre, low speed networks and dialup modems.
    The net as it is is barely a young person in age and its changed a lot in that time.
    Before that there was a network but it was for the military and research only.
    So I wouldn’t call myself completely secure either but it works for where I am right now.
    I don’t get spam on my gmail and I don’t use tictoc or facebook messenger which my aunt uses and facebook is filled with it.
    I hardly use auction sites either.
    So I guess it depends on your circles to.
    Then again I am 41 now, I am not the young man I used to be 20 years back.
    I no longer have a desire to swim with the sharks anymore.
    I want to sit on the beach and sip my drink and watch others do it.
    Maybe in another 20 years I will want to sit in the bar with a mug and watch others do it and remember the old days.
    Talking about the old days my blog at smeveriss.wordpress.com always has my weekly or daily conversations and memmories about my other half if you will.
    There is talk about the ai bubble.
    So I actually think there will come a point when the net settles down.
    I am not in anything new like mastodon and I have no plans to switch.
    Twitter appears to be static with the old ones eing allowed to continue existing in peace and anyone up to that point.
    And I am happy to continue with them.
    Sadly my life just like that social network is static and I will have to eventually decide what to do about that or move it to another area or simply jump dimentions.
    If I can I will continue to watch and wait for what could appear, I am in no hurry, after all my condition isn’t as likely to happen much anymore, and I may like a certain timelord be the last of my race.
    If that is so I have realy no reason to progress normally till I find where to go and can be patient.

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