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Haven’t posted much in awhile

Well, the blog and podcast are changing, thoughts have crossed my mind to end the technology blog and podcast, and I’ve got things I can talk about that isn’t just all security. I’ve got to make a decision, because I feel that my podcast is good, not the best, but also took in to account a listener who I’ve been communicating with and his comments to me. I’ve got podcasts 158-173 currently up on the feed, which only takes up a few gigs. My other podcast AMW Reloaded has podcasts 1-53 and soon to be 54. Its a struggle what to do with this cast, the longest surviving cast, but a decision must be made. Should I can it unless I have something good? Can it altogether? Keep it around, but make it only when I have time and content? I know there are other podcasts that provide content to others to share around, which is nice. I do have a few things, and still have other content to share, so the decision is still out. I listened to a great presentation by Mikko Hypoen, and two more are still on youtube that I need to get at. So, I do have content for awhile at least. Your thoughts on what I should do would be welcome. The fact that my Internet was playing around yesterday didn’t help, as I had planned to do a cast and release it as well. I can be reached via E-mail, or you can registor and comment right here. Thanks for any support.

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Last modified: May 20, 2012.

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