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and it goes on and on

If you have been keeping up with my blog you would have noticed my
posts on the certifficate issues I have had with windows installers.
One soni media one I suspect has my registry corrupted again and I
need to restore to 2 months back.
However after this also effected flash I decided to restore with
ninite and got the same error I had yesterday.
I have come to the conclusion that at least for now every windows
installer package up to october 2012 is now useless.
Everything that needs to validate itself and is a non ms installer
made with ms installer software is just bad.
I was going to go on a rampage restoring things but the net gods made
the decision for me.
I’m just going to wait I actually really don’t want to spend the day
fixing things so certifficates work for 1 day only.
I also suspect with some delays I am having during bootup that my
internal hdd is on the death road.
This in of itself it not an mabjor issue as I will in short order be
quiring a new laptop unit and at some point in the future a vary
crappy and useless junky vary slow xp desktop with crappy analog hardware.
This unit though totally crap is completely usefull as a blind games system.
Its crappy analog sb live card ensures that the old games I have
played for ages and ages will continue.
And to be fully truthfull I don’t need all the power that I have right now.
Though I do plan to have some sort of more powerfull laptop to.
later all

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Last modified: October 10, 2012.

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