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comments on some posts

Hi all
welcome to another posting by me.
Firstly I’d like to apologise to anyone who has sent me personal mail or comments to the blog.
I have been lazy no I should fraze that.
I am proud to be a lazy person sometimes.
Anyway I have been doing things that do not involve me checking my mail for like the last 3 days or something.
I may not even get to it tonight either it all depends.
Anyway lets take the posts as they come.
Firstly a bit of house keeping.
Incase there are lagit spammers that read the blog.
I know who you are.
You can’t just come round and have a username like download my crack or suck my f**king dick in your message title and then blatently coppy my comments verbatum or others comments.
Seriously if this goes on I am just going to disable trackbacks like perminantly, heck I may even just not allow comments and that will be sad for everyone me included.
Its because of you guys that I have actually committed myself to write in my personal and this blog more than I have been.
So don’t spoil it for everyone else.

On to the posts.
first oh hell lets just stuff both these together.
To be honest ms already got it bad if this gets rid of the spammers that use hotmail and sometimes gmail and other web addresses or at least brings it down some I’m all for it.
Next what is to much info.
Its interesting however, I was doing some law studdies some time ago and its amazing what is out already without the net to add to things.
Firstly your phone number country and address are legally accessable to everyone it just depends where to look.
Next, though you may use names for password questions food types, teachers names, etc or whatever, you can easily find things without the net.
The only real way to secure is to have different passwords and a pasword manager.
There are arguments that password managers can also be hacked to and could be used to collect passwords.
If you write down the passwords get them stolen or lost or if you have a master and forget it you are done anyway.
Most sites use 2 factor and ssl or at least https with ssl.
Nothing is perminantly secure.
The net well lets face it has been to free and open for to long.
Sure we have been able to pirate our music and software, but hackers and spammers have been able to do more than that.
We all knew the net could not stay the lawless wild west that it was, eventually it would have to become organised.
Will it?
Eventually I think the net will model the real world it sucks but its the way of the world.
What is privacy?
In a world where anything can be accessed either by you or someone else.
Thing is, how you live with it.
Its why I don’t have a facebook and only use a twitter to check for others tweats.
I have a wordpress blog in which I post to those that read this blog my general rants and weekly happenings.
I don’t disclose anything that I would regret usually and sumerise things.
I am to lazy to write long convoluted posts anyway.
Generally though most of my life well the large things I share as a way for people that don’t know me to see what my life is like.
I don’t share everything though, most of that is simply pointless and the rest I don’t share.
Gone are the times where I have the time to actually post.
I used to but it always seems to be getting just that bit bussier.
sertain things that will be revealed when they happen in the next year or so will make my life even bussier still.
Right now though these things are a bit tmi.
Right now that is.
after they happen it won’t matter because they have happened.

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