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articles of interest and other news

Hi all.
Well this time round I have a few interesting tidbits to share.
The first started last week while I was flicking through stations at
1 am in the morning.
Aparently there is an app that will give a max of 3 cents an hour for
allowing adds to be displayed on your phone and associated addware.
The adds would display on your lock screen and every time you
unlocked your phone, you would be in a sence clicking the add and get
payed for it.
its called lock it and is for iphone and android.
Its an interesting concept, I remember a program called epipo used in
1996 by various friends online to get adds, look at them, etc etc and
get payed for using your system for advertising when not in use.
There are lists where you can subscribe to get product reviews and
adds now andget payed for them.
The concept is good, in general the lock screen is an empty space as it is.
However after 2000 it was the end of the world as far as good junk mail was.
I remember getting subscribed to several mp3 lists and drive lists,
getting offers but due to what I had not being able to take advantage of them.
I also had a subscription I got put on that had my system play random
music when I was not doing anything and ask me to rate it in the end
thanking me for participation and asking me for my personal info.
it then dissapeared from my system.
the site went to that it was going to, and a few days later I got a
cd which I have somewhere with interesting music.
Between those days and now it was good.
Wouldn’t dream of doing that now though.
To be honest I think spam mail should have the same rules as junk mail has now.
For example you recieve local store coopons in your mail box and
other local adds and leaflets I have no issue getting those and
cupons, etc in my mailbox as unsolissited mail after all I get that
in my snailmail box, I don’t read half of it but sometimes I do.
I know that in most cases they are from lagit companies.
Spam mail is anything bar normal junk mail.
In all the spam mail I have got I have not seen anything local or anything.
its a pitty that this happens.
Offline we may get pamphlets of stuff most of which we may glance
through even if we are not interested during our drink break, some we
may just chuck others we may comment on first or whatever.
Spam mail spyware and addware based adds we just don’t comment on,
they are not local, and mostly are aimed at stealing identity and other stuff.
Its a shame spam can’t mirror the offline junk mail and be treated
the same way as that.

In other news I have gotten a new philips digital recorder.
almost everything up down foreward and back is opperated with 1
controler like a gamepad with a central play button.
record and stop are on the right and it comes with an external microphone.
The site and some features are not accessable but its more accessable
than the soni.
the soni has a dimple to record and a stop button with a dot and a
few other features.
I also saw a panasonic which looked interesting to but some of the
buttons are flush with the case.

Project wise I have been working on some sound and game testing.
and thats proven a challenge as you need to think of what you want to
do and what to use, etc.
and thats about all the tech this week.
Due to spam on my posts, trackbacks are going to have to die.
you wana comment to the posts I write then do so directly.
Sadly, due to comments containing suspicious links and obvious spams
and other attacks I have had to do this.
later all its time for my boiled egg and toast.

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