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the article wrapup for this week

Hi all.
Well I was going to release articles as they came to me but well time was never on my side.
Today, nothing seems to be happening and the secondary terminal in the computer room seems to have been left active so I may as well use it.

There were a lot of things to think about.

Firstly there is power.
A fuse blew on wednesday night and we were without power for 4 hours.
I started wandering ” how long for power and what could I do with an extended power outage like in christchurch one ariea in the south island that had a major earthquake.”
And I have realised how much we depend on power, oil, other things.
Without power I have a few books, the piano, maybe a few card games and a walk or 2.
I don’t have the following.
long storage of food in a fridge.
the ability to cook food in side my house though I have a bbq.
The ability to have lights on at night that are not candles or gas powered.
In the short term I have a phone, a couple laptops with a few hours battery and my bopits, and my clocks.
Everything bar the clocks will eventually die.
The clocks have been on the same power cells for about 10 years and run out every 10 years or so.
Online life has meant we can do anything we want like write this blog, play games and other stuff.
However sometimes I think we forget what it was like before.
The scarey thing is I can’t think of how to live without power, the net, a fridge and all the things that we need to survive.
Yet humans did survive without power, the net, houses, etc not to far in the distant past.
In my early life before I got a computer, before the net we found ways to survive without the tv, without the net.
without using much power.
Now we have smart phones, tablets, computers, etc, etc.
to turn off the power, we may as well kill ourselves.
Its the blessing and curse of advancement.
Maybe this is the theme for this weeks editorials.

Second on this week’s agender came from an article from last week on the inovation of screen readers from a now no longer emploid fs person called criss something I forget.
It was his view that we had gone as far as we would ever go and that all the readers and such were to make cash for big companies or some such.
this started a general accesability discussion on the nvda access lists.
My view on the subject is more packaged stuff and maybe a few extra things who knows.
the stuff is in the archives on the nvaccess.org or nvda-project.org sites they both go there.
People may find it interesting.
Going on the news this week is the continuing death throws of the music, book and other industries that try to stop the digital age by hanging on to their old and out dated notions of copywrite and not upgrading.
This time at least here and maybe other countries they are succeeding on making the local spy agency spy on our own countrymen in nz.
This is just another slowing down of the death of a giant that should have gone to heven at the beginning of the milenium!
The fact it hangs on and the fact they have made a large effort to move to digital, a fact that for the most part is a good thing they still hang on to their past and I wish they wouldn’t.
Its inevitable now though.
Death is soon and we my dear readers are powerless to stop it.
I’m not even angry anymore.
I don’t feel like killing them and their families anymore.
I just wish they realise its time to die and be reborn rahter than drawing it out for us poor consumers.
Please continue upgrading.
I’d be happy with this change if I knew that it would be the foundation for a better world but I don’t think it is.
Worse is the local government’s track record of info disclosure and the fact they seem to have countless breaches in the system.
Basically, they are leaking like a tin boat.
So if you are against it all you are guilty.
if not then it doesn’t matter because all your private data will leak to the net.

This actually brings up a fair point.
What does privacy mean.
What is the meaning of being private, does the notion of that even exist at least in the big citties.
Even before the net a lot is publically avalible.
your bank number ird info etc at leastt sertain parts are known.
Sertain facts about your family, address, name location and stuff are avalible.
that was even before the net.
Your email address is not really private either.
Your skype isn’t your messengers are not and your twitter and facebook sertainly is not.
Even your passwords are public if you really want them.
I think privacy died with the net.
Security is another thing that died with the net.
security is only good till someone gets in again.
thats why we have updates.
I think for most of us security is the ammount of red tape you are happy to have in your way to use your system and nothing more.

Yesterday I got a call from one of my uncles about an issue with 2 boxes which brings home what I am talking about.
his desktop which I have not done anything with decided to not be activated and a few other things.
though he had cleared it of any viruses that come up on his server from time to time and his laptop has a probably dead wireless card though not sure.
technology is intigril for us and our lives.
without it we will never exist.
not rightly anyway.
Also on this agenda was something on flashing android devices, aparently a podcast I heard by a guy called bill dengla demonstrates why one should install custom kernals on your android system.
As you can guess this is not the end of this, there is a bit more info on it. he also does flashing of android devices.
I am to lazy to get the info for him right now.
www.billkd.net/root is the page you can get more info on it.
the cast is somewhere on the jamin jerries network though I have not got the link here.
I’d write more but I have to do more things.
later all

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