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skype 6.7 warning

Hi all.
this message was posted to my lists on skype.
Upgrade at your risk.
If your options are set and you won’t need to change them then its fine.
If you do you will probably need jawss or something to havigate the
options dialog as someone in their infinate wizdom has removed the
accessability subsystem, classic views and buggered up the options dialogs.
Ironically there is a lot more web content which is fully accessable
on the skype main screen though not much of it is usefull.
Its a pitty they didn’t make the options web based or went back to
the options they have always had.
here is the message.
just upgraded to skype latest 6.7.
Note that if you have 6.6, you may as well stay with it till i get
this resolved .
You can go to 6.7, but it appears that ms in its infinate wizdoom has
removed the accessability menu and classic options as well as
accessability options and access to the options with control tab.
I am not sure if you can track tickets however I have sent a queary
to ms access support and the ticket is
I do hope to get this sorted out.
Else I will be downloading, skype 6.6 from ms site.
Well to be truthfull I don’t necessarilly need to downgrade as all my
options are set and everything in skype works as expected just the
options and extra accessability stuff is missing.
For the ammount of time I use it, its neither here or there.
The only time I load in to it is when I want to talk.
there is a lot more web based content within the app which itself is
interesting, however you’d think it would get better and not worse.
at least I don’t have to use skype as my msn client just yet ms seems
not to have closed its msn nets down here yet and I am still able to
use miranda-im thank god for msn and other networks.

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skype 6.7 warning was released on August 6, 2013 at 4:39 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: August 6, 2013.

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